Who do you file with to run for President of the United States?

To run for local office, you file w/your local Probate Judge (or equivalent official). To run for statewide office, you file w/your state Secretary of State.

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    How to Run for President of the United States

    Things You'll Need

    * Money

    * Political standing

    * A strong organization

    * Dark suits

    * A clever slogan

    Step One

    See if people outside of your home state know who you are. Many times a state governor, senator or congressman mistakes the adoration they get locally as a sign of national adoration; it's not necessarily so.

    Step Two

    If you feel people know who are you outside of your own state, start calling up political leaders in key early primary states such as Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire. Get down their way before you announce so you can give speeches and attend political rallies.

    Step Three

    Evade questions from the press about what you are doing. Tell them you are visiting these state to help fellow party members.

    Step Four

    Declare your candidacy, and immediately start a tour of the early primary states. No longer evade the press.

    Step Five

    Begin building your political team on a national level (such as a campaign manager, political manager, strategist, spokesman and other staff). Look for people in the key primary states, and build similar staffs there. Look for a mix of fresh talent combined with veteran campaigners.

    Step Six

    Talk to the press as much as possible in the next few months to raise awareness of the campaign.

    Step Seven

    Raise money. Keep raising money. And when you are done doing that, raise more money. The 2008 presidential likely will go over $1 billion in funds raised.

    Step Eight

    Start creating television and radio ads. Your ads should focus on your accomplishments. However, as the race drags on, you will be tempted to start "attack" ads against your opponents. That will be a tough call.

    Step Nine

    Make as many campaign stops as possible. Focus on the early primary states as well as the states such as Florida, New York and California that are major fundraisers.

    Tips & Warnings

    * Money in hand is key. If you are not raising a lot of funds, don't spend as much.

    * Keep in shape during the campaign. It can be grueling.


    * * FEC's campaign finance website.

    * * USA Today Article discussing finances.

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    Evidently all you need to do is promise the unwashed masses that you stand for Change and Hope. Take some public speaking courses and hire the best speech writers you can afford.

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    Seriously, each State has it's own ballot access Laws, so you need to check with your State's Elections Office, just for starters, then you need to meet the requirements in EACH State, or at least in enough to win a plurality of the Electoral Votes.

    If you are considering running as a major party candidate, check with your State GOP, or DNC office, they will help you with the access, but getting the required signatures is YOUR job.


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