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Who is the earliest recorded white man ?

I would like to know who the earliest recorded white person is and also where they lived and at what time period that was ?

Could all white genetics originate from one person living a very long time ago ?

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    According to the one drop rule adopted by many US southern states, if you have one drop of African blood, you are black. Therefore, we are all black, because our ancestors all came from Africa.

    Actually Andrew:

    "The one-drop rule was a tactic in the U.S. South that codified and strengthened segregation and the disfranchisement of most blacks and many poor whites from 1890-1910. After Supreme Court decisions in Plessy v. Ferguson and related matters, White-dominated legislatures felt free to enact Jim Crow laws segregating Blacks in public places and accommodations, and passed other restrictive legislation. Legislatures sought to prevent interracial relationships to keep the white race "pure", long after slaveholders and overseers took advantage of enslaved women and produced the many mixed-race children.

    The 1910–19 decade was the nadir of the Jim Crow era. Tennessee adopted a one-drop statute in 1910, and Louisiana soon followed. Then Texas and Arkansas in 1911, Mississippi in 1917, North Carolina in 1923, Virginia in 1924, Alabama and Georgia in 1927, and Oklahoma in 1931. During this same period, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Utah retained their old "blood fraction" statutes de jure, but amended these fractions (one-sixteenth, one-thirtysecond) to be equivalent to one-drop de facto.[3]

    Madison Grant of Virginia in The Passing of the Great Race wrote: "The cross between a white man and an Indian is an Indian; the cross between a white man and a ***** is a *****; the cross between a white man and a Hindu is a Hindu; and the cross between any of the three European races and a Jew is a Jew."[4]

    In the case of Native American descendants with whites, the one-drop rule of definition was extended only so far as those with more than one-sixteenth Indian blood, due to what was known as the "Pocahontas exception." The "Pocahontas exception" existed because many influential Virginia families claimed descent from the American Indian Pocahontas of the colonial era. To avoid classifying such people as non-white, the Virginia General Assembly declared that a person could be considered white so long as he or she had no more than one-sixteenth Indian "blood".

    Walter Plecker of Virginia[5] and Naomi Drake of Louisiana[6] insisted on trying to label families of mixed ancestry as Black. In 1924, Plecker wrote, "Two races as materially divergent as the White and *****, in morals, mental powers, and cultural fitness, cannot live in close contact without injury to the higher." A subtext to this concept was the assumption that Blacks were somehow "improved" through White intermixture.

    When the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed Virginia's ban on inter-racial marriage in Loving v. Virginia (1967), it declared Plecker's Virginia Racial Integrity Act and the one-drop rule unconstitutional."

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    Genealogy DNA seems to indicate that the whole human race began in East Africa. Our differences are due to mutations. Certain types of people could not survive in certain areas of the world and died out.

    Example: The sun is very rich in Vitamin D. It has been found that the minimum amount of Vitamin D a black African should have is about the maximum amount someone of Northern European ancestry should have. Today it doesn't make much different. There are Vitamin Supplements. Also we have better protective clothing and sunscreens.

    I doubt very seriously that so called white people came from one single solitary white ancestor. I prefer to use the word caucasian. If anyone was really white they would look like Casper the ghost. All Europeans are caucasians.

    Your question might get better answers on the Biology board. Genealogy and Genetics aren't the same thing. In Genealogy we trace ancestry using documents/records.

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    As our ancestors moved north (this was in the time of the cave men) they gradually got lighter, over many generations. There wasn't a single white person. There are no records, either; it happened well before us humans started to write.

  • Ti
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    All human beings descend from common ancestors who lived in Africa. Some scientists think that the San people of the Kalahari are the only true direct decedents of our common ancestor.

    When did your ancestors begin to mutate into white people, you ask? Nobody knows for sure.


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    Actually Sidney the legal definition of being black was firmly established as having one great great grandparent who was fully African in origin.

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