What Court Cases Have Been Influenced By Bethel v. Fraser?

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    It was declined to extend by:

    Brown v Hot, Sexy and Safer Productions, Inc (1995)

    General Media Communications, Inc. v. Perry (1997)

    Amidon v. Student ***'n of State University of New York at Albany (2007)

    It was distinguished by:

    Gay Men's Health Crisis v. Sullivan (1992)

    Clark v. Dallas Independent School Dist (1992)

    Lacks v. Ferguson Reorganized School Dist (1996)

    Seamons v. Snow (2000)

    Pangle v. Bend-Lapine School Dist (2000)

    Saxe v. State College Area School Dist (2001)

    Castorina ex rel. Rewt v. Madison County School Bd (2001)

    Killion v. Franklin Regional School Dist (2001)

    Walker-Serrano by Walker v. Leonard (2001)

    Coy ex rel. Coy v. Board of Educ. of North Canton City Schools (2002)

    Mahaffey ex rel. Mahaffey v. Aldrich (2002)

    Barber ex rel. Barber v. Dearborn Public Schools (2003)

    State v. Poe (2004)

    Bragg v. Swanson (2005)

    Frederick v. Morse (2006)

    Guiles ex rel. Guiles v. Marineau (2006)

    Gay-Straight Alliance of Okeechobee High School v. School Bd (2007)

    B.W.A. v. Farmington R-7 School Dist (2007)

    Pounds v. Katy Independent School Dist (2007)

    Bowler v. Town of Hudson (2007)

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