Which should i choose in terms of outdoors? U of arkansas, utah state, u of montana, OK state, or northern AZ?

others you can include are montana state, texas A&M corpus christi, and u of south carolina

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    I'll give you an overview of the area:

    Bear lake is about 1 hour drive into the canyon (which, BTW, has AMAZING fall colors), there's the beav ski resort, cutthroat reservoir, wind cave (great night hike), plus the hiking and biking trails are LITERALLY in the backyard. If you live on campus, you can just walk out of the dorms and up the mountain (or bike)

    Logan is a very college friendly town. Businesses and restaurants are open later than they are in the rest of the state, and the campus is very personal. Classes are small, the degree programs are very good, and USU is in the top 10 research schools in the nation. Class sizes are small, and the cost of living is cheap.

    If you live on campus, you can walk to class in about 5 minutes because everything is right in close. If you live off campus there are a number of really good student living center, plus regular apartments are only $200-$400 per month (much cheaper than the rest of the state, and the other states as well).

    Cache Valley is an agricultural area, and it does faintly smell like cows and agriculture, but you can drive like 5 minutes out of the valley and be in Logan Canyon, where there's 3 reservoirs at the mouth of the canyon (fishing) with bike trails running next to them, then there's camp sites all along the canyon, 1 lake mid-way up the canyon, and then bear lake at the top, which has camp sites, and AMAZING raspberries.

    The student union rents equipment to students, like skis, tents, rock-climbing equipment, bikes, snowshoes, etc.

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    Montana is good but Utah and NAU but have a ton to to outdoors as well Utah can be a bit of a culture shock for some due to the large LDS population but I still love the Utah outdoors

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    Utah State.

    You can be at Beaver Mountain in 25 min to ski/board. There is great fishing, hiking, rock climbing 10 min. away. As a student you can rent equipment super cheap too.

    Logan is a big enough town to get everything you need, but it has mountains all the way around. It's awesome.

    Source(s): Went to USU
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    I'd vote for Montana if you like rivers and forests.

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