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Stephenie Meyer has agreed to write Rory Emerald's biography. Who the heck is Stephenie Meyer?


Rory Emerald is famous for many different reasons. Even til this day, his torrid affair with legendary movie star Liz Taylor still reverberates. Singer Michael Jackson and actress Mia Farrow are on a long list of casualties. Ol' Mistah Emerald just concluded his relationship with Princess Märtha Louise of Norway.

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Update 2:

You found a what? -- Prankster pulls one on readers with string of classified ads

By: GARY WARTH - Staff Writer | Saturday, February 23, 2008 7:44 PM PST ∞

Enter first comment. Increase Font Decrease Font email this story print this story To everybody hoping to claim Herbie the Love Bug, Rory Emerald has a simple message.


"Calls are still coming in," Emerald said last week from his home in Los Angeles, where he works as an artist and stay-at-home dad when not pulling pranks in newspapers.

One of Emerald's latest gags appeared in the North County Times on Feb. 7. There, between ads for lost dogs and found earrings, was an ad for something more unconventional: The original VW Beetle and other movie memorabilia from the 1968 film, "The Love Bug."

Emerald didn't have it. Never did. He also doesn't have the car from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," John Lennon's personal diary or the original dinner menu from the Titanic.

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    Who the heck is Rory Emerald? Stephenie Meyer is the author for the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and The Host (this is not a part of the series). All book but The Host are about a girl named Bella who meets a boy named Edward. Or should I say man because he is over 100 years old! But he is in a body of a 17 year old (i think). He is a vampire. They start dating and Bella gets caught up in all the vampire junk and she eventually becomes a vampire, has a vampire/human daughter, and marries Edward. Go to any celebrity gossip website and you will see something about the actors and actresses of the movie. My grandparents even know about this popular series so I don't know where you have been. There is a movie and even a clothing line.

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    Stephenie Meyer is the author of the Twilight saga.

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    have you had any human conatct in the past year SHE WRITES THE AMAZING SERIES TWILIGHT you are deffinetly socialy deprived you need to get out more

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    0.o Do you live in a cave?

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  • Are you serious? She's ONLY THE WORST AUTHOR EVAH!!!!!!!!!! :) JK, dude, she wrote the Twilight series.

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    lol - where have you been?

    she's the author of the twilight series: twilight, new moon, and eclipse

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    I see what you did there...I like it

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