What are some good names for characters?

I need names. Different names. Maybe some England type. Different ones. 3 girls names and 4 boys names. Please. And also 5 teacher names. They need to be different! Original names NOBODY has! Like a mystical feeling to them. Like Harry Potter type of feeling in their names. Please no ridiculous answers. If you do, then your wasting your points for this. PLEASE?!


The first answer was very mean and bottomless. I asked for HELPFUL names. The reason I ask is because I need to know names people would want to hear so it can make them want to read further.

Update 2:

Thanks guys! I appreciate your creativity for these names! Just I also need teachers names. Thanks a lot!

Update 3:

Oh 1 more thing! sorry...hhahaa... I need help with the name of the school! It's like a magical school so.... like Hogwarts kind of name? Something random and original like that!

Update 4:

yes last names. or names like dumbledore. those type. do you guys get what I mean?

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    Name ideas for the girl:

    Beth Anderson

    Desirae Reinhart

    Yasmin Brown

    Alice Golden

    Dawn Lsys

    Michelle Rapp

    Janet Daley

    Charlotte Haverford

    Heather Smith

    Katie Thomas

    Stella Hopkins

    Cherice Jennings

    Audrea Murphy

    Claudia Watson

    Salvadora Johnson

    Lilith Zimmerman

    Kristen Willows

    Violet Carman

    Marissa Walker

    Sarah Goldberg

    Melody Gilson

    Eloise Fowler

    Lydia Wellington

    Mallory Selbert

    Ashley Griffen

    Vanessa Muller

    Patricia Keller

    Joanne Williams

    Naomi Pierce

    Kimberly Huss

    Roseanne Hutch

    Jacklynn Champagne

    Rebecca Beacon

    Amanda Vonhold

    Sylvia Alcott

    Name ideas for the boy:

    Sheldon Fox

    James Selice

    Gavin Sawyer

    Kevin Rowe

    Johnny Cowan

    Kay Rosen

    Ethan Yorkson

    Roland Pelino

    Charlie Franke

    Jake Herman

    Spencer Todd

    Jack Riley

    Eric Davis

    Nile Quinet

    Warick Queen

    Maurice Purcell

    Ashton Anthoy

    Julius Pallen

    Lars Numan

    Dillan Porter

    Christian O'barr

    Leonardo Machiavelli

    Theo Murray

    Aaron Moyer

    Clay Nickson

    Ryan Montaglione

    Victor Ludwig

    Scott Hunter

    Russell Little

    Brandon Hutchins

    Craig Graham

    Oliver Grayson

    Trent Wallace

    Randel Koft

    Seth Avery

    Ron Miller

    Drake Meyer

    Glen Ingel

    Donald Allen

    Jeffrey Mickleson

    Eugene Fisher

    Sean Elliott

    Jeremiah Brunsdon

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  • 1 decade ago

    Cutler, Watertown

    Merriam, Concord, Lexington

    Wellington, Watertown

    Palsgrave, Charlestown

    Swoetman, Cambridge

    Morse, Ipswich, Watertown

    Pierce, Watertown

    Shattuck, Watertown

    Wolcott, Salem, Newbury, Brookfield

    Thurlow, Newbury

    Emerson, Ipswich

    Walker, Charleston, Brookfield

    Taylor, Boston

    Jenks, Lynn, Providence

    Ballard, Lynn, Andover

    Sprague, Charlestown, Hingham, Providence

    Eames, Charlestown, Hingham, Providence

    Holbrook, Weymouth, Scituate

    Pitts, Hingham

    Winsor, Providence

    Williams, Plymouth, Salem, Providence

    Harding, Boston, Providence

    Johnson, Roxbury, Woodstock, Brookfield (John begat Isacc begat Nathaniel, etc)

    Porter, Roxbury

    Smith, Dorchester (John begat Lawrence)

    Miller, Rowley, Middletown-CT (Thomas begat Sarah)

    Nettleton, Branford, Milford-CT

    Parker, Boston, Brookline

    Eliot, Boston

    Hemenway, Roxbury

    Hewes, Dorchester

    Trescott, Dorchester

    Dyer, Dorchester

    Davenport, Salem, Boston, Bridgewater, Shrewsbury

    Hathorne, Salem

    Watkins, Boston

    Newcomb, Braintree

    Wyman, Woburn

    Read, Woburn

    Hancock, Cambridge

    Prentice, Cambridge

    Totman, Roxbury, Plymouth, Scituate

    Parker, Roxbury, Scituate

    Rawlings, Roxbury, Scituate

    Stoddard, Boston

    Eire, Boston, Watertown

    Rose, Scituate, Marshfield

    Bompas, Marshfield

    Ford, Marshfield

    Snow, Marshfield

    Warren, Plymouth

    Turner, Scituate

    Gainor, Scituate

    Brewster, Plymouth

    Hawkins, Boston, Scituate

    Starr, Cambridge, Duxbury, New London

    Brewster, Plymouth

    Morgan, Roxbury, Groton, Ct

    Hill, Roxbury, New London

    Vine, New London

    Dennis, Marblehead, Boston

    Charles, Marblehead, Boston (Mary)

    Pitman, Marblehead, Boston

    Shapleigh, Charlestown

    Devereux, Marblehad, Salem

    Hooper, Marblehead

    Fletcher, Marblehead (Robert begat Henry)

    Collins, Lynn (Henry begat John begat Mary)

    Johnson, Lynn (Richard begat Abigail)

    Champney, Marblehead, Muscongus, Pemaquid

    Ingalls, Marblehead, Lynn

    Harker, Lynn

    Hendley, Marblehead, Boston

    Thompson, Boston (David begat Sarah)

    Lane, Marblehead, Winter Harbour, Newbury

    Davison, Newbury, Charlestown (Nicholas began Daniel begat Joanna)

    Coffin, Dover, Newbury

    Starbuck, Dover

    Leach, Marblehead, Beverly, Salem

    Fuller, Salem

    Flint, Salem

    Rea, Salem, Plymough

    Waters, Salem (Sarah)

    Peabody, Topsfield, Hampton, Duxbury (John begat Francis begat Hepzibah)

    Forster, Ipswich (Reginald)

    Woodbury, Beverly, Salem

    Dodge, Salem

    Herrick, Beverly, Salem

    Waite, Marblehead, Malden

    Hills, Malden

    Bucknam, Malden

    Lynde, Malden, Charlestown

    Tufts, Malden, Charlestown

    Pierce, Charlestown (Thomas begat Mary)

    Worth, Salisbury

    Whipple, Ipswich

    Sprague, Charlestown (Ralph begat John)

    Corbin, Charlestown

    Goffe, Cambridge

    Broughton, Marblehead

    Norman, Marlblehead, Salem

    Flint, Salem

    Maverick, Marblehead, Dorchester

    Pedrick, Marblehead

    Browne, Marblehead (William begat Mary)

    Chinn, Marblehead

    Martin, Marblehead, Charlestown

    Northey, Marblehead

    Knott, Marblehead

    Devereux, Marblehead

    Glover, Marblehead

    Guppy, Salem

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  • ?
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    3 years ago

    Finn Sage Alarna Aluna celebrity Wren Willow Rain/Rayne Isla Saffron/Saffy India/Indy Indigo Thea Asha Esther Asia Aisha Macie Natalia Stella Callia Cara/Kara Aria Clara Lara Kitty might/Mai Penny Iris Ivy Acacia Zara solid success with your e book :)

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  • A/lie
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    1 decade ago

    For the 3 girls: Hazel, Zhana, Raven.

    Boys: Duncan, Dmitri, Abundie, Oryan.

    Teachers: Do you want last names?

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  • 1 decade ago

    i just wanted to say that that first answer was s*** and dont listen to them! i always ask questions like this so dont feel bad about it!

    try asking this question in the baby names section, its in parents and pregnancy i think...?

    how about these?:



    Daisy (not unusual but i love it!)

    Tessa (same as above)








    mackenzie (makes a good villian)

    hope these help...

    good luck

    or use babynames.com or www.thinkbabynames.com


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  • 1 decade ago

    Think of your own bloody names.

    If you're incapable of thinking of such simple things, you most definitely shouldn't waste your time writing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Girls names:








    Boys names:







    Hope this helps [= [= [=

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