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Give two reasons why those charged with murder might be less likely to plead guilty.?

Give two reasons why those charged with murder might be less likely to plead guilty.

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    Less likely than what? They may plead not guilty because they are in fact innocent. Or they may plead not guilty so they can see what evidence the state has against them and perhaps work out a deal on a lesser charge.

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    One reason is that they might actually be innocent of the charges, and who is going to plead guilty to something that they didn't do. Maybe, they have the means to afford a defense attorney who actually believes that their client is innocent of the charges against them. Who has hired a criminal investigator to investigate the case and determine if the defendant is telling the attorney the truth about their innocence.

    There may be exculpatory evidence, that the defense is going to present in court that will prove the defendant's innocence, or a witness who will exonerate the defendant.

    The other reason may be that the defendant feels that they will take their chances with a jury, which only takes one person to vindicate the person in a jury trial.

    It is also possible that the person is guilty and is relying on the court system to vindicate them or they are hoping that somewhere in the appeals process, the appellate courts will find an error in the trial and either release the person or order an new trial for them.

    The longer that a defendant can remain in county jail and not be sent to the state prison they feel helps their chance at avoiding prison all together. They may actually like the county jail and know what is awaiting them upon their arrival at the state prison.

    With most state prisons operating at 100% ppopulation and above, most new inmates to state prison find themselves sleeping in hallways and gymnasiums, instead of the safety of a prison cell.

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    If they are not guilty.

    If they feel their attorney can prove to a jury that the prosecution has not proven them to be guilty.

    If their is no real evidence to prove their guilt.

    Because they have a right to a trial.

    Because they are holding out for a better plea arrangement.

    Because they are guilty and stupid.

    Because they may be able stay out on bail until their trial.

    Because they may be in a less restrictive prison before trial than the one they will be transferred to if they are found guilty.

    Because they are trying to buy time for evidence to be found that proves their innocent.

    There are far more than 2 reasons.

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    1) nothing to lose if they are facing a long sentence.

    2) hope for a technicality in procedure that could get them a miss-trial.

    3) if they are only charged, they're still innocent until proven guilty, maybe they are actually innocent.

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    one: they have an amazing defense council who is probs gonna beat the prosecutors in court so they might as well take there chances skipping the plea bargain

    two: they didn't commit the crime

    three: they're insane

    four: they have an excellent alibi

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