help connecting a net gear wireless modem/hub to verizon dsl network.?

i use verizon dsl and the modem now has failed to work wirelessly. the desktop connects but no wireless connection. i know my laptop will connect because i can connect anywhere else. i got a new net gear n type modem but the support people say i need a user name and password to make the net gear modem connect to the verizon network. but i never had to enter a user name or password when i log onto the internet. can someone tell me what i need to look for. when i got to verizon support for my connection i use admin and password it get into that part of the program but that is for my personal settings. but i never see verizon when i got to the internet. thanks for advice.

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    Verizon supplies their own modems. I hope you checked with Verizon to insure that the modem/router you chose was compatible with their network.

    You will need to get in contact with Verizon tech support and see if they will connect to your new modem and allow it on their network.

    The other approach is to take the unit you bought back and see if the store will exchange it for a wireless access point. That way you keep the same modem.

  • GTB
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    1 decade ago

    First let's clarify a few things

    Verizon provides the DSL signal and termnates this with a modem. A modem in and of itself cannot be a router or wireless access point.

    However, Verizon and other providers have in recent years provided an integrated modem / router / wireless access point in one unit. You may have such a unit - and if you have 4 LAN ports you have such a unit.

    If this unit works properly with pcs connected wirelessly, then the modem and router components are functional. You most likely need to log onto this modem / router via a wired pc linked to it, enter the user name and password, and reconfigure the wireless access point and all will work. You may also need to reconfigure each pc you wish to link wirelessly to the device.

    I do not believe Netgear makes any modem / router / wireless units. They do make wireless routers which connect to a modem that has an Ethernet hand off. The easiest way to validate exactly what you have is to read the manual. If it has a WAN or Internet port, it does not have modem capability. If, instead of a WAN port it has an RJ11 phone port, then you have a modem / router / wireless

    If you have a modem, you have to satisfy the Verizon configuration criteria or things will not work. You need to log onto the device to do the configuration using a user name and password as defined in the manual.

    If you wish to use the Netgear wireless router, you must configure it properly. To configure it you must log onto it with the proper user name and password as the manual directs. If you changed it from factory default, reset it as directed in the manual.

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    initially, DSL isn't instant or part of the instant community, it incredibly is the delivery provider. The instant comes from a router. So the only thank you to make the internet connection instant is to connect the instant router to the DSL modem ( linked to the telephone line) with the aid of the pass-over RJ45/40 8 cable. Then all your desktops get entry to that DSL modem with the aid of the instant connections to the router. there is one utility the place the actually RJ11 (telephone line connection) from the DSL modem could be linked to a cordless telephone satelite enter and broadcast wirelessly to the backside unit bodily linked to the telephone line. There are some manufacturers of cordless telephones that grant aux/satelite inputs. good success

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