CG major but want to go into advertising/ marketing as well, what program?

I'm going to be graduating with a Bachelors in Computer graphics/ Interactive digital design with English as a minor and I'm interested in working for a company advertising for products (my dream job would be working for Nike). Should I go to grad school for marketing? Or do schools offer grad programs in Advertising? or what should I go for? thanks for any info

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    1 decade ago
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    Wow a graphic designer with marketing skills. You won't have any problems finding a job. I'm not sure on typical brick and mortar schools for classes on marketing. I would strongly suggest checking out Google's classes. I know they offer like 5 seperate courses, not free I believe it is $250 per class. I know they are coming up in Atlanta mid march. Since Google is the 500 pound gorrilla on the Internet, I think you would learn a lot and would look good on a resume. For Internet marketing and advertising I have some free info and tips on my website that you may find helpful. Googles site, click advertising then adwords or adsense for tons of free reading. I hope this helps.


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