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Rate The Trade, Good Or Bad for Which Team?

Yesterday it was brought to my attention the Kansas City had traded a second round draft pick for QB Matt Cassel and LB Mike Vrabel. I was just wondering what you NFL fans rated this trade for both teams and who got the better deal. I know that New England has Tom Brady and as long as he stays healthy, barring another controversial play, New England won't be hurt all that much by trading away Cassel. Just wanted your opinion.

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    Good trade for both.

    Chiefs get a good QB and a veteran LB to mentor their young ones, maybe Aaron Curry.

    The Patriots free up 20 mil in cap room. That allows them to either re-sign expiring players (i.e. Wilfork, Mankins) or make a FA splash (i.e. Harrison, Canty, etc). Or, it gives them enough draft picks (5 in first 89 I believe) to re-energize the team, like Jerod Mayo did.

    Imagine this for a Patriots draft class:

    1. Brian Cushing/Clay Matthews

    2. Darius Butler

    3. Connor Barwin

    4. An OLineman

    5. Nic Harris

    That's quite formidable.

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    It's a decent trade for the Patriots, but it has the potential to be either a great trade for the Chiefs or a horrendous one.

    I though the 49ers would be interested in Cassel, and possibly the Vikings. But most teams are staying pat with their starting QBs, or making small pick ups, or waiting for the draft. Considering the lack of interest, the Patriots got a good deal with a high second round draft choice and almost 18 million in new cap space.

    If Cassel can improve upon his performance, then it will be a good deal for KC also. But KC has no where near as good an offensive line as the Patriots have. Larry Johnson looks like a stiff and Gonzalez is older and unhappy too, so Cassel can't exactly be ecstatic to have landed in KC. Maybe if Pioli can grab the guard that the Bills just released and find himself a Dante Scarnecchia, then KC may contend in the AFC West in a few years. But without immediate offensive line help, Cassel will be running for his life in 2009 and the Chiefs will continue to be woeful.

    The Pats need better cornerbacks, linebackers and safeties. They could use a speed back too, but Tom Brady throwing to Randy Moss and Wes Welker solves a lot of offensive problems. This trade allows the Patriots to get younger and better through the draft and make a free agent signing or two if that should make sense.

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    The Chiefs got the better end of the deal, NOT because Cassel and Vrabel > an early 2nd round pick, but because New England could've gotten more for the both of them.

    Cassel will NOT be as good a quarterback in Kansas City as he was with New England. He got to watch Tom Brady play! He had 3-time Super Bowl winning Bill Belichick, the league-leader in catches since 2006 in Wes Welker and a tall, physical threat in Randy Moss. The Chiefs are, frankly, desperate. Damon Huard, Tyler Thigpen, Brodie Croyle.. they cannot find consistency at QB.

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    I think New England got the better end of the deal. Matt Cassel probably won't be a breakout guy, and will just be an average quarterback. Although losing Mike Vrabel might hurt them in the long run, in the case of injuries to other LBs, but they still wound up with the number 34 pick in the draft.

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    great trade for New England, Cassel is not going to have moss or welker to throw to, he will have no offensive line, and he will have no defense to save him if he turns it over which will happen more with the amount of stress he is going to have. Vrabel will be a good fit and was a good deal for KC but cassel will be average at best in KC, also don't forget 16-0 18-1 overall to 11-5 not even making playoffs.

    this was a great move for the patriots taking off a lot of cap space for free agency, and they will be able to replace both players fairly easily..

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    I believe both teams good something good.

    KC got a Young Prime QB in Matt Cassel but it will be interesting to see how he will play in a team that doesn't have many offensive weapons. KC also got Vrabel but he is aging so i see him playing more of a leadership role.

    Patriots got to clear valuable cap space for this and next year and get a 2ND ROUNd pick. What people don't get is that the higher the pick, the more money you will be paying for that player. THere are many talented players still available in the draft in the 2nd round and it would cost the pats less money too.

    With the Cap Space they have available, look for the Pats to make some big noise in FA next year.

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    Kc definitely got the best of this trade, no doubt about it. Matt Cassell is going to be a solid started for years to come. This is how the great one's start, backing up greats for years and then stepping up... As far as Tom Brady. The guy is phenominal, don't get me wrong, but he will never put up the numbers he did before. With the injury to his knee, on his support leg, he'll never have the power, speed, let alone confidence, that he did before. So long New England...

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    You missed the obvious. All that was announced for the trade was a second round pick. We know that no players were involved, but other draft choices could have been involved in the trade. I would be surprised if New England let Cassel go for a measely second round pick to be honest. I am betting that other draft picks will be announced at a later date.

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    kansas city on this one they had to have a new qb and a new LB kansas city will be good with cassel and vrabel as long as they both stay healthy i think KC will get a chance maybe at a wild card lets hope and pray it happens

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    When I first heard of this trade, my thoughts were 'Oh my goodness, Vrabel and Cassel for a 2nd round pick????' What is that? How do you trade a guy who just stepped in, his last start was in high school, he ALMOST gets you to the playoffs, and then all you get for him and a veteran Linebacker is a 2ND ROUND PICK???

    So, my rankings would be on a scale of 1-10




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