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Are Betas Compatible With Goldfish?

I know there are certain fish that betas can be compatible with but I was wondering if the goldfish know as "telescope" with the bulging eyes would get along with my male beta in his 5 gallon tank. I've heard to stay away from fish with the long flowing fins but I just wasn't sure if their tails were long enough to be of concern.

First time tank owner just looking for a little help.

Thanks guys!

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    a beta is a tropical fish first and fore most

    it wouldnt be able to go in coldwater

    but yes i have a male betta and he is in a tank with 7 other fish and he does ok.only thing is they can take a while to settle in i would advise to start of with food specaily for them and still feed eg, flakes or frozen and hopefuly no long after it it will take to the food that your fish originaly eat before.

    and bettas dont really like to be in a tank with larger fish than they are, yes my betta is in a tank with a large angel fish but they get on well it just takes time

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    NO they aren't. That is a really bad idea to put both in, goldfish. They are slow swimming fish and a betta arent. He might pop your goldfish eyes. Slow swimming goldfish always have to be keeped with their own kind to avoid and harmful risk. Both for each other are horrible tank mates so please just keep them apart. Also goldfish are very social they get stressed with out another mate you should get another telescope goldfish and keep them together i suggest in a bigger tank about 10 gallon.Goldfish and betta fish have two different types of water conditions as well. Betta's need warm water and goldfish need cooler water. Your betta will become very stressed in the goldfish tank and probably even die. They're not compatible. Betta's are usually a lot better alone in a 2.5 gallon he will be fine. Hope this helps, good luck =]

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    I'm afraid not. With your Betta in that 5g you're fully stocked.

    Telescope Goldfish have very different needs (coldwater, overfiltration) and are known fin nippers, as well as one Fancy Goldfish needing at least 20 gallons, never 5 gallons.

    You can maybe get an Apple Snail in the 5g, but that's about it.

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    No :( I have my Tux all alone in a 10 gallon. I wish I could put something in with him but I'm too afraid of a fight when I'm not looking and I don't have a backup tank. Doesn't seem worth it if you aren't completely sure. If you know you can mix certain fish, do it. If you aren't, don't bother. Save the fish. May be your fish but is still your pet.

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    hi! No, bettas and goldfish are in comparison to minded for some motives. First, as replace into pronounced, bettas are tropical fish and goldfish are no longer. this implies that a betta needs to have water around seventy six-80ish levels (anybody has distinctive critiques in this) and goldfish do ultimate in less warm waters. yet another excuse is area. Goldfish are pond fish. opposite to regular theory goldfish do no longer belong in bowls via fact they replace into extensive. the clarification why goldfish die so straight away is by using the fact they are put in a bowl, that's in basic terms too small for them. Bettas could desire to be in a life like volume of area, 5 gallons or greater, yet they do no longer could desire to be, and should no longer be, in a pond. third, goldfish produce lots of waste. That waste builds up ammonia very straight away, which could smash a betta's fins. notwithstanding if the different variations have been aside, this difficulty might nevertheless shop them aside. The bioload could be puzzling to maintain up with and it may desire to doubtlessly kill your betta. additionally, in case you have been to get a posh goldfish with the flowing fins, a betta might combat with it via fact it its fins.

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    They have different kinds of habitats. Goldfish are fine without a heater and can stand the cold. Bettas do better with a heater. Coldwater and warmwater fish usually don't live together.


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    Beta's are primarily solitary fish. They don't belong in a 5 gallon tank with other fish. Generally speaking, something like a sucker fish is okay with a Beta, but nothing much more than that.

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    no bettas require a heater (temp between 75-82) and a light water current while goldfish require cold water (65-74) and a strong current

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    I don't think they are. Goldfish live in coolor water than bettas. And you need a bigger tank for a goldie, at least 20 gallons. :)

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