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Need a good program to install Quick! 10 points?

i have a new computer

and i want to fill the top of the desktop up with icons.

i have one spot remaining that i need to fill.

i currently have these programs

system icons

-recycle bin


-control pannel


Internet related icons

-mozilla firefox



-windows messenger

media icons

-windows media player



design/office icons


-CS3 Photoshop/premiere/dreamweaver and flash

other icons



-new downloads folder

10 quick points for the first program that fills the blank spot on my desktop spot


ive used blender b4, nice program

wouldn't use it out of school though


my computer is a

e8500 dual core at 3.2 Ghz

with 4Gb 800Mhz ram


i doubt a few icons will slow me down


youtube downloader is looking the best at the moment


my current setup involves me downloading to the desktop and then draging it to the download folder for convinence of useing it


i already have Photoshop to do my pic editing


i have 64 bit Vista Ultiamte

im setting my icons like this

[my desktop currently]


keep the ideas coming, i need the spot filled still

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