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why send a birthday card?

my brothers wife sent my dad a birthday card,which wasn't even a birthday card and inside called him by his name not by dad and left the grandchildren off.they haven't spoken to each other in a year and hasn't even met their newest member of the family.they also moved without telling him.

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    It sounds like she is trying the mend the rift with your bother and your dad.

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    I'm not usually a negative type of person but look at some of the factors you put here.

    1. They moved in without talking to him first.

    2. The birthday card was not even for his birthday

    3. Left the grandchildren off the card and

    4. They had not spoken for a year prior.

    I hate to say it, but he has been manipulated. The card is a representation of "smooth over" tactics that she used to get what she wanted/needed. And, he will probably no doubt feel bad if he says anything to her because after all she did get him a card. I personally feel bad for him because he obviously will go along with things for the sake of the kids. Keep a close eye on "that one".

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    I wouldnt call my inlaws "dad" b/c they arent. And perhaps she thought by saying "dad" it would sound weird, seeings how they aren't close now. Maybe that was her way of waving the white flag. An Olive branch of peace..? Perhaps now Dad can send a note asking how the grandkids have been. He doesnt have to ask about her or his son, who apparently doesnt want to speak to Dad. Maybe after that, they can build something, maybe not. But, the grandkids shouldn't be shorted a grandfather, and maybe, just maybe she realizes that. Please give her credit. She didnt have to send the card, mail it out, etc. She DID put forth some effort to do it. Maybe her husband doesnt know?? And it sounds like she does have other things to do than be mean to your dad... like raise kids. Please give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you should write her saying dad got the card, and you ALL would like to know about the kids?? Maybe that's good middle ground. That way he's not asking, but you ALL are. Maybe send some pics of grandpa, or some pics of the family farm, or hometown, or other pics that the kids may want when they are older. Maybe some of granpa. Do you have any old ones you can get reproduced? Its worth a try. Give someone more than they expect and you will always have a happy person. You will be surprised with what you get back. God bless you and your family.

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    Question is who is the one who severed the relationship, her or your brother? If it's your brother his wife is just being respectful of your dad and doesn't feel close enough to call him dad. It was a nice gesture on her part and I would take it for that. It seems that she doesn't share the same feelings that your brother does about the family. She is also being hurt the same way by what he does.

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    i might sign and deliver the cardboard. I somewhat have 2 step-daughters and that they are going to be 3 in November. My husband and that i see them, yet no longer almost as much as we want via fact they stay out of state. We in basic terms pronounced sending them playing cards on holiday journeys and their birthday via fact we by no ability get them on their actually birthday and we in basic terms have them another holiday. we'd like them to be responsive to that in basic terms via fact we're not with them on the day, we are thinking approximately them and omit them very lots. Our difficulty is kinda distinctive from maximum, and we don't get alongside fairly properly with their mom, yet i think of she might make specific they observed the playing cards. all of us attempt to do what's ultimate for the infants, even nonetheless we don't get alongside properly.

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    It's like an old tradition that someone kinda has to do

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    maybe she is trying to be nice to ur dad

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    She is trying to be sarcastic and be disrespectful to her in laws.

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    they are having an affair

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    to be nice

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