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How can I publish my playwright?

I have a playwright. It's a closet drama. If you don't know what a closet drama is Wikipedia tells what it is. I want to publish it. How do I do that?


I meant to say how can I sell my playwright?

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    Are you an agent or a playwright? Do you have a play (script) or a writer (playwright)?

    In either case, if the play has been produced, you can join the Dramatists Guil of America, Inc. who has great advice for publishing and productions:

    Or another option is to self-publish:

    Another good source for drama publishing is the Dramatists Sourcebook:

    Hope this helps!

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    If you have a playwright, I assume that means you are representing someone who wrote a play because you can't have a playwright and be a playwright at the same time unless you are representing yourself, in which case I am a playwright might be a better opening sentence.

    If you have written a script for a play, publishing is likely not your best bet at this point. Finding a producer who is willing to buy your script for possible enactment on the stage is pretty hard.

    Closet drama is something that is written to be read as opposed to being enacted on the stage, which does not make you a playwright or the person you have, but does offer somewhat better chances of being published.

    That being said, there is such a thing called vanity press, where you pay the money to a printer and binder and have your playwright published.

    I hope this answered your question.

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