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transfer process(physics)

Concrete has a higher specific heat capacity than soil does.

Would you expect breezes to blow from city to countryside or from countryside to city at night?Explain your answer briefly.

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    A city is full of buildings, which are constructed with concrete.

    At night, heat absorbed during the day by concrete buildings start losing heat. Becuase concrete has a higher specific heat capacity, its temperature drop would not be as large as that in the countryside, which is mostly covered with soil (of lower specific heat capacity), with only isolated houses.

    There thus exists a temperature difference between the city and countryside. The city is warmer than the countryside at night. Since warm air rises and cool air sinks, air pressure over the city is lower than that over the countryside. This pressure difference causes air to flow, from place of high pressure to that of low pressure. Hence, breezes are observed to blow from countryside to city.

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