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Dear Vivien’s Parents,

I cannot believe it is the start of a new semester already! Time has really flown by these past few months! It seems like just the other day that I came back to Taiwan and started teaching the 1B class!

During this first semester Vivien and the rest of the 1B class were busy with Magic Time 1. This is a very good foundation and gave them the basic vocabulary and sentence patterns they will need to learn to speak English well.

In the second semester Vivien will start with the second book in the Magic Time series. This book is designed much the same as Magic Time 1 with the same type of lesson planning, utilizing the knowledge they have built up so far and expanding it even further. Vivien and the rest of 1B will also start with EFL Phonics 2. In this book, they will learn to put sounds together to form words. This is a big step-up for 1B, as they were only familiar with single letters and will now learn to sound out words and read them.

It is very important for Vivien to try and speak as much English as possible – not just to me, but also to their friends. Self-confidence will grow only by speaking.

Then last but not least I would like to thank Teacher Jessica for all her help. Thank you for all the worksheets she makes to review the work with the class and for being such a patient teacher. Thank you also for encouraging all the children in 1B to speak only English during English lessons. She is an excellent teacher and Vivien is very lucky to be in her class!

Well-done boys and girls! I am looking forward to the next semester with you!

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    第一學期中,Vivien及其它1B班的學生努力的參與Magic Time. 我把基處打在學生的單字量及句子的完整性結構,讓學生著重及加強於其英文說話的能力。

    第二學期Vivien將會開始學習Magic Time系列的第二本書。這本書與第一本有些許雷同,這本書以利於學生在英文上的認知。Vivien及1B學生也會開始學習EFL 發音練習2。關於EFL發音練習2的書中,他們將會學習到如何發出更外英文式的發音。這將會是1B班的挑戰,班上的學生已經熟悉每個字母,但他們將會學習到如何唸出其單子。



    加油孩子們,你們都做的非常好唷! 我相當期待下學期與你們相見。

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