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請問gender identity是什麼??


其中一段是要寫關於"How does employment affect gender identity?"








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    gender identity

    >> 指個人對自己的性別是男是女的認知(或介於兩者之間); 所以對於男主內女主外的社會分工是無關的;

    A person's internal self-awareness of being either male or female, masculine or feminine, or something in-between.

    底下是一篇有關 gender identity 的前幾段文字, 可以供你參考, 裡面談到要進行對自己的 gender identity 有幾個影響的因素:

    Gender Identity and Social Structures

    What is meant by identity? Firstly this essay is going to explore what is meant by identity. Identity is made up of individual characteristics by which a person is known. Internal factors(內在因素) such as physical appearance, personality, mental ability and sex would have an effect on a person's identity. Then there are the external factors(外在因素) such as family, class, religion, culture, occupation and nationality which would influence one's identity. Then, even beyond all these personal and social structures, societal opinions about gender, race, culture, ethnicity and nationality must have an impact on identity.

    Many attributes of identity are formed from childhood experience, adolescence, early adulthood and are ever forming. Identity can therefore be ever changing externally according to the life experiences through which a person goes through. Births, deaths, marriage, divorce, abuse, immigration, good or bad fortune for example are likely to cause change, and therefore influence change

    to identity. These may ultimately result in a change to the internal identity: physical, mental etc

    Gender identities are formed by several different factors, i.e. individual and collective; social and biological. Biologically, it would be quite easy to look at the body of a person and be able to distinguish between a male and a female, from their genitalia. A female would be identified by the absence of a penis. The problem with defining gender id... [to view the full essay now, purchase below]

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    底下是三種對 gender identity 的定義

    1. gender identity n. A person's sense of being male or female, resulting from a combination of genetic and environmental influences.

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    2. gender identity n. The totality of physical and behavioral traits that are designated by a culture as masculine or feminine.

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    3. gender identity n. Your identity as it is experienced with regard to your individuality as male or female; awareness normally begins in infancy and is reinforced during adolescence.

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    We can see from these definitions that “gender identity” is not determined solely by biological forces. Although one’s “physical traits(生理特徵)” as male or female are biologically determined, one’s “behavioral traits(行為特徵)” are generally accepted to be a result of one’s culture or environment.

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    But, what are these social forces? How do they affect us as individuals? Is their influence positive or negative, or both? How have we, as individuals and a society, dealt with these forces?

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    These are the kinds of questions you will be addressing in this essay, as you attempt to write an extended definition of gender identity—one that goes far beyond what has to offer.

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    樓上的你搞錯了, 差太多了, 這個跟職場沒有太大關係, 這是指一個人的性別取向阿...

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    我覺得你這篇可能不好寫喔, 因為它可能不是一般職場所謂的 gender discrmination (性別歧視) 而是說"你的工作如何影響到自己的性別認同喔?" 這跟被你的 boss 或 colleague 性別歧視是不同意思的.

    換句話說, 工作上妳把自己看成是女的還男的?...我想有些女強人會把自己看成是男性喔, 而不是一般女性喔, 不然她如何生存在這樣 tough 的 business world?

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    底下有一篇我找到的 "gender identity disorder" 的文章你可以參考看看從其中找靈感: (有些男的小時候視自己為女生; 反之亦然)

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    更正確講應該是: "一個人的職業或工作如何影響他的自我性別取向", 請注意, "是自我認同自己的性別取向是男是女?" 這個與職場上你的同事或上司對你是否有"性別歧視"是有差距的喔.

    性別歧視是認定你是女的或說種族歧視, 你是黑人, 我就較歧視你, 給你的薪水有差別待遇...但這題是個人的 gender identity (性別認同是男是女), 也就是說, "你的工作會對你自己的性別取向產生什麼影響"之意.

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    譬如說: 如果你是女性上司, 那你自己對自己的性別或許會比較視自己為男性看待, 也希望別人視妳為男性, 以在男人的職場上與其一較高下, 並不希望別人看待你是一位女性的上司, 對你的標準有所不同, 變成對你有較高或較低的要求...

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    George 做了太多 copy and paste, 所以變得囉嗦了。

    雖然 Gender Identity 是 性別取向 , 但是發問的朋友已說明他要寫的是 How does employment affect gender indentity , 既 ' 職業如何影響性別取向 ' , 那 Gender Identity 在這 context 下就與職場冾冾相関了。

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    Zora >> 解釋比較簡單易懂。。。




    Men work outside while women work within the house.

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