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The thing that I most cherished is my digital camera .

It was bought when I was in the senior high school.

It includes a lot of memories before I enter the university.

Every photo brings me back many pleasant memories.

Whenever I saw the former pictures, I remember many ever things.

No matter happy or funny ,

it can reserve the moment for the long time.

Although now I don’t often use it frequently just like before,

I still often turn on the camera and watch the former picture.

Maybe it is a common digital camera for others but it is very special to me.

Thanks for your listen.


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    One thing that I cherished the most is my digital camera .

    It was bought to me when I was in a senior high school.

    It kept me a lot of those days memories before I enter an university.

    Each photo brings me back many pleasures and memories.

    Whenever I saw the old time pictures, I recalled many of my past things.

    No matter it was happy, sad or funny,

    it can be reserved every moment long time before.

    I don’t use it quite often at present, just because that I don’t like it any longer as before,

    Sometimes, I would switch it on and review all those old time pictures.

    Maybe it is as common as a digital camera to the others, but it is really special to me.

    You know why? Because it was my special gift that was given by my girl friend’s parents while I passed the Entrance Examination for going to my present University.

    You all might be surprising at the givers why weren’t your parents but instead of hers? Well, it could be another long story, and if our specified speech time can be extended a little bit longer then, I will tell you all about the truth behind the scene.

    In order not to disappointing you all special guests here, let me tell you one of that secret in short, that is “I am too handsome!”

    Thank for your listening!

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