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What does Blue Steel meen?

A song by brokencyde is called Blue Steel.... a verse in it says "Don't make me show you blue steel."

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    Blue Steel may mean:

    * Martensite steel aka spring steel

    * Bluing (steel), a process in which steel is partially-protected against rust

    * Blue Steel (1934 film), 1934 western starring John Wayne

    * Blue Steel (1990 film), 1990 thriller starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ron Silver, Clancy Brown, Elizabeth Peña and Louise Fletcher

    * Blue Steel missile, the British Cold War nuclear missile

    * Steel blue, the color

    * Blue Steel is the name of a pose in the movie Zoolander

    * 'Blue Steel' Guitar strings made by Dean Markley Strings, Inc.

    Steel blue is a shade of blue that resembles steel.

    Steel blue in human culture


    Steel blue is often used on the outer walls of loft apartments to suggest the fact that they often are built in neighborhoods that were formerly zoned for industry.


    The default desktop color on Windows 2000 and Windows XP computers is (58, 110, 165), which is very close to the color in this article.

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    Actually, it is a reference to the movie Zoolander, which is a comedy. Ben Stiller's character (Zoolander) is a fashion model (and assassin) and he gives names to the poses he takes in front of the camera. One of the poses, which nobody can supposedly resist, is called "Blue Steel."

    Although "bluing" is something that actually is done to gun metal to harden it (i.e. heating/plating with nickel), that is not what this particular song is referring to.

    Source(s): A quick Google images search, for example:
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    Reference is to a gun which is typically the process of Bluing the steel of the guns metal parts.

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