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Does black granite metallic paint swirl or scratch easy?

I was wondering if this color for chevy pickups stays good over time.

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    It isn't that is swirls easy, it is more that swirls are easier to see on darker colors. The key is to prevent them.

    There are a lot of good tips but you need to do them all to prevent the dreaded swirls. Some tips were already mentioned, use only HIGH QUALITY microfiber towels to dry and buff off waxes and polishes:

    When you wash your truck, get a Grit Guard to prevent grim from setting on your wash sponge/mit and getting rubbed all over your paint.

    And finally, use a high-quality wax that will keep dirt and contamination from bonding on your paint. This will make washing and keeping the truck clean a lot easier hence preventing you from having to rub the paint with heavy pressure to get it clean.

    Take a look at the FAQ in the source links and read it over for more details.

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    any dark color paint will swirl easily, always use clean water when washing it and when waxing always use a microfiber cloth to take the wax off.

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