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youtube video!!!!!!!!!?

youtube videos will only load a little bit then stop and freeze then the rest never loads!! how can i fix this? ( the rest of my internet connection works fine)

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    If YouTube is slow, stuck or weird, and people suggest you

    either change, install or get stuff....DON'T TOUCH A THING.

    Please don’t tinker with your "Java Scripts", "Flash Players"

    or different browsers -- and definitely stay away from any of

    the software that salespeople (disguised as answerers here

    on Yahoo) are trying to sucker you into buying.

    None of those things will help you because I am pretty sure

    your computer and YouTube was working fine before, right?

    The first rule of thumb and ideal option should always try to

    be: DON'T disable, erase, uninstall, switch, download, alter,

    add, change or install anything. Matters will only get worse.

    Several times each day, YouTube shuts down a few of their

    servers to update stuff. Be patient if YouTube is slow, stuck

    or mangled. Transmissions from YouTube to your computer

    are done in multiple tiny packets of data and flash at a time.

    That's why sometimes you may get any of these scenarios:

    bits and pieces of text/thumbnails in weird places; sluggish

    loading/buffering; the spinning circle going on forever; or the

    player being blank. This problem could fix itself within a few

    hours or by the next day.

    If your YouTube continues to behave slow, stuck or strange,

    it's very possible that your directories of "temporary internet

    files" and RAM (sometimes known as "cache") are close to

    the maximum and just cannot take anymore, the end result

    being any of the above scenarios or videos that: A) come to

    a complete freeze; B) start/stop/start/stop in a choppy way;

    or C) never even make it onto your screen.

    "Temporary internet files" are tiny bits of webpages that get

    permanently put on your hard-drive. They will remain forever

    on your computer, gradually plugging it up like hair stuck in

    a sink drain, until you finally get rid of them once and for all.

    Thus, exit out of YouTube, then clear your "cache" of all its

    "temporary internet files", "cookies" and "history". It is best

    if you shutdown and reboot afterwards. You'll be amazed at

    how "fresh" and "new" your YouTube will be.

    If you're not sure how to delete your "cache" or if you would

    like more "tips" on making YouTube run even better without

    having to buy/install a thing, then please click on my avatar

    and send me a message -- preferably with your YouTube or

    email address. I will guide you step-by-step in plain English

    and with full explanations.

    Note 1: if you are using Google Web Accelerator or a utility

    similar to that: Dump it, burn it, trash it, disable it, uninstall

    it. Do all that you can to get as far away from it as possible,

    even though this seemingly contradicts all my advice which

    I wrote uptop. GWA conflicts with YouTube. Clicking "Don't

    Accelerate This Website" will not help you whatsoever.

    Note 2: longer videos only require "Flash" and "Shockwave"

    in order to play smooth. Other than that, avoid all the sales

    pitches that some Yahooers may be shilling, because they

    are really disguised salespeople & peddlers. Their answers

    have nothing to do with your question, and their wares may

    actually worsen your problem. Besides, what kind of idiotic

    answer is: "Despite the fact that you can't watch or access

    videos properly, buy our downloader." [my paraphrase]

    Note 3: a very odd fix that once worked for me was altering

    the URL from "" to simply ""

    (or you could even try "").

    Note 4: depending on how your YouTube account is set up,

    your personal "video playblack quality" (or "VPQ") could be

    set to "dynamically" or "fast", thus making YouTube videos

    play at higher quality. This in turn eats up lots of bandwidth,

    memory and "cache". If you are "logged on" to YouTube as

    you're reading this, you can verify your VPQ from right here

    within Yahoo!Answers by clicking my link below, which will

    bring you directly to "YOUR VERY OWN" playback setting:

    Otherwise, if you must "sign in" first, click on the 4th black

    option which will be on the left side called "Playback Setup".

    Note 5: nothing about playing YouTube has changed in the

    past year. If anything, the newer Flash players are causing

    many YouTubers plenty of grief -- especially all 5 variations

    of version 10. It is absolutely crazy that there is a 10.0.525,

    10.1.218, 10.2.26, 10.2.54, and 10.12.36. Updates are only

    good for one thing: software/computer conflicts. Myself, I've

    never strayed away from 9.47, and many flashers swear by

    9.45. Think of those two Flashes as XP, compared to Vista.

    Check out the response to this "Best Answer" of mine:

    I hope that my information proves to be quite helpful for you.

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    Your firewall or internet blocker may be the problem and they might be blocking it from loading. Disable your firewall for a little while to let it load then you can re-enable it.

    If it is not that maybe your internet may be too slow.

    Look here for more reasons and how to fix it. This might help you more

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    Try refreshing the webpage


    Turn off web accelerator, if you have one - it may be conflicting with youtube.


    It could be due to slow connection or high traffic.

    Try watching it during off peak hours, the video will be smoother.

    Or you could watch it offline smoothly... try using 'zillatube' .

    It works well - Just google search "zillatube" to get it.


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    have you tried getting the latest Flash Player version ? i can't think of anything else!...

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