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Arkansas/Mississippi driver's license.?

I lived in Arkansas for six years. I was visiting family one day in Mississippi when I got a speeding ticket. The ticket was supposedly getting taken care of, but after about three months they sent me a notice of license suspension in the mail for failure to appear and pay ticket. I recently moved to Mississippi and would like to get a Mississippi driver's license. Do I have to go all the way to Arkansas to get my suspension cleared before switching my license over or do I get it cleared in Mississippi since that's where my ticket is and then switch my license status. I've called three different highway patrol stations in both states and they do not understand my question.

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    Obviously the ticket was not taken care of! Bummer for you!

    You will probably have to pay the fine in Mississippi, then go back to [or contact] the Arkansas licensing authority (DMV? Department of Public Safety?). You might have to pay a fee to that authority to restore your driving priveleges in Arkansas. Once your Arkansas license is clear and valid ... you are probably free to exchange that license for a Mississippi one!

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    I think that you should just pay the ticket then switch your license status so you won't have any problems.

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