RHH: allright..ima give Eminem another listen...?

any good songs by Eminem???


ya'll make it hard to choose...damn, VOTE...again.

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    yes there are lots of them...lets start in chronological order shall we...

    ITS OK- infinite (great song, show his lyrical ability, sounds like nas/az)

    GUILTY CONSCIENCE - slim shady lp - kinda crazy but impressive lyricism none the less...understandable not to like

    IF I HAD - slim shady lp - a phenomonal song that is very real...i dont see how you can t like this song

    '97 BONNIE & CLYDE - slim shady lp - just cuz it shows how crazy and emotional he is and how crazy kim drives him and how much he love halie, very personal = very good usually for em

    ROLE MODEL - slim shady lp - awesome beat, funny lyrics, good message (not to go hurt yourself just that people have to understand that he is just a regular guy kinda thing)

    ROCK BOTTOM - slim shady lp - awesome song, agian very personal and thoughtful. it really is a song i can relate to so i love it

    STAN - marshall mathers lp - often called one of the best rap songs of all time, great lyrics over a smooth beat. we can see that em is for real and he can make a very emotional song again

    WHO KNEW - marshall mathers lp - kinda crazy again just showing how tired he is of people blaming him for their problems and societys problems, a great song defending himself

    THE WAY I AM - marshall mathers lp - f*ck all of you i am who i am and thats the way i am and im not changing for anybody...sweet

    THE REAL SLIM SHADY - marshall mathers lp - clever lyricism

    CRIMINAL - marshall mathers lp - the part where he shoots the guy cracks me up everytime, funny song, but it also shows emotions behind the jokes

    WHITE AMERICA - the eminem show - just a good song...enough said

    BUSINESS - eminem show - just an ok song but worth mentioning i guess

    CLEANIN' OUT THE CLOSET - eminem show - wow...one of hte best sogns of all time shows so much emotion and anger in his music and this song is an example of em at his best

    SQUARE DANCE - eminem show - good song not too many issues just a good song

    SOLDIER - eminem show - typical rap song that is good for pumping people up or feeling when your angry kind of thing. good lyrics again

    SAY GOODBYE TO HOLLYWOOD - eminem show - once again em expresses his disgust with how his popularity has caused so much pain in his life. this song is another great example of how much emotion em puts in his best music

    DRIPS, SUPERMAN, MY DADS GONE CRAZY and WITHOUT ME - eminem show - both just ok songs, without me is exceptionally clever

    SING FOR THE MOMENT - one of my favorite songs ever he each verse is incredible and i love hearing that kind emotion that only eminem can give in a song. wow

    HALIES SONG - eminem show - just listen to it its like poetry i love eminem

    TIL' I COLLAPSE - eminem show - one of hte best workout type songs of all time, never give up kind of message, hot message, just an incredible song

    NEVER ENOUGH - encore - in the end its just never enough i feel like this a lot

    YELLOW BRICK ROAD - encore - good song im getting tired of describing every song so im just gonna name the rest, the best ones are in all caps





    ricky ticky toc



    jimmy crack corn

    public enemy #1

    NO APOLOGIES - one of my favorite songs ever, put it on whenever im hhaving a bad day

    oh yeah rap game, 8 mile road, and the 8 mile freestyles are good too

    features where he kills it

    jay-z's RENEGADE



    lloyd banks WARRIOR PART 2

    biggie DEAD WRONG


    dmx GO TO SLEEP

    hes one of the best ever, good idea giving him another listen

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Cleaning Out My closet


    Hailies Song

    I Don't Give a F*ck

    Role model

    As The world turns

    The Way I am

    When I'm Gone

    Lose Yourself

    Sing For the Moment

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Bad Meets Evil

    It's OK

    I Just Don't Give a Fck

    Still Don't Give a Fck

    As the World Turns

    I'm Shady

    If I Had

    Rock Bottom

    Role Model

    I only liked The Slim Shady LP and Infinite

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this or not, but I think The Eminem Show is his best album. I didn't like it at first, but after I started to really listen to it, I started feeling it.

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  • B.k.S.
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    1 decade ago

    Some of my favourites which are pretty overlooked and understated

    Rock Bottom

    It's OK


    Murder, Murder

    If I Had

    97 Bonnie 'n Clyde

    Still Don't Give a F*ck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    like toy souldiers

    say my name

    my name is


    never 2 far

    lose yourself

    rock bottom

    remember me

    if i had it

    sing for the moment

    white america

    hailies song


    i still don give a ****

    till i collapse

    no apologies


    guilty consience

    8 mile road

    role model

    go to sleep

    spend some time


    jealousy woes II



    when i'm gone


    we as americans


    its ok

    the way i am

  • Stan

    Sing for the moment


    The Way i Am

    When I'm gone

  • 1 decade ago

    I really like his song superman right now, it might just be cuz i can relate to it right now.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    the real slim shady

    hi my name is

    like toy soldiers




    jealousy woes


    the way i am

    8 mile road

    i don'tgive a f*ck

    Source(s): Check out the his albums Infinite and Marshall Mathers LP.
  • 1 decade ago

    i just pretty much like

    sing for the moment

    my name is

    loose urself


    marshal mathers

    role model.

    Source(s): not a huge em fan
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