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Dying my red hair blonde.?

My hair is unnaturally red, and id like to dye it blonde. I know that after dying it blonde, it will turn out an orangey color. I guess i have to use a bleach to get it blonde. After that ill use a toner to even out the orangeness. Is that all i have to do? Will my hair turn out okay?

*I'm planning to use Born Blonde bleach, from clairol. i think it will be easy on my hair.

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    i suggest getting it done professionally done if it's your first time, but if you really want to do it by yourself then yes, you probably will have to bleach it first. clairol is supposed to be a pretty healthy brand. and to reach the back of your hair evenly you will probably want a friend or a sister over =) but yea that should work. don't get frustrated if it doesnt work right away tho, you may need to use the product a couple times before you get the results you want. good luck!

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    Only use a pre-lightner if you have any type of depositing hair color on the hair, or if your hair is a darker red. Haircolor can only lift the natural color so far, and you don't want to end up with orange color. Haircolor does NOT lift haircolor. Do not overlap onto your previous blonde highlights, as that will weaken the hair in those areas and make it more likely to break off. Your best bet would be to go to a salon and have a professional handle this type of process. If you don't apply properly all over the head you will end up with a horrible mess, and it will cost you a lot more to get a corrective haircolor done than it would have cost you to have it done right the first time. That and you won't risk the damage that the drugstore products can cause. If you don't have a stylist, ask around. Referrals are the best.

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    Check this link out:

    Try to remove the color and then bleach your hair. Chances are it will be brassy so you'll need a cool toner like ash blonde.

    Remember to condition very well. Use hot oil treatments too.

    I have black hair so when I bleached it, I went through a process. Black to red to orange to yellow to pale yellow. I added a toner and all was well.

    Good luck!

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    you may have to use bleach and a toner when you first dye it since your hair red. if you use the hair dye that comes in a box, your hair wont turn out that good. when you use the bleach it isnt orange at all if you use the toner right after you dye it.

    hope i hepled

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    That's all you have to do, but I don't know if your hair will turn out okay, to be perfectly honest. Since you mentioned that your hair is unnaturally red, I'm guessing that you've dyed it recently. Make sure you wait a while if you don't want to spend money on a professional taking care of it. My friend dyed her hair a couple times without waiting and her hair started falling out... just make sure you take care of your hair.

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    You may want to go to a professional for such a big job, that type of thing can go south real fast! You will have to bleach before you dye and that will cause quite a bit of damage to your hair, especially if it is not done properly. Good luck!

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    i have natraly red hair as well and when i used the home bleach it really messed it i suggest getting it done perfesionaly i learned the hard way

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    i wouldn't do that, let the red fade before you dye it because if you don't you can really mess up your hair.

    like it will just freakout and you will have to cut a lot off

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    that all depends. if your hair is in good condition, than it should turn out fine. but if you have dry hair or unhealthy hair, it might make your hair worse. but if your hair is in good condition, that should work. =)

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    dont die it or bleach it. its going to turn out like straw and be very hard to brush.

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