How is present-day Mexico?

i'm doing a project on Mexico...I got the history down but i need help with something decent to say about present-day Mexico. O_O Help!

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    Mexico is a land of great contrasts. there are many very rich people, and many who live in very modern cities. their life is very much like life in the U.S. there are some middle class people...their life is more simple than in the U.S., but they go to work and to school every day, are fairly well educated. Then there are many poor people who live at a standard of living very much lower than in the U.S. They are frequently poorly educated, and many things in their lives are done just like their great grandparents did them 100 years ago. They still use burros and horses, and work in the fields. Their houses have dirt floors and they cook on a wood fire outside the house. I am an American living in Mexico and I see this contrast every day. My neighbors on one side are very wealthy...very sweet and kind also..and own a large coffee plantation. My neighbors on the other side are very poor. The mother gathers wood in the jungle every day so she can cook on her wood cooking platform outside her tiny cement block house . The house has window and door openings, but no glass or doors, just fabric or tarp hung over the openings. They are also very sweet, kind people, and do their very best for their children. The government has many problems, but they are constantly trying to improve the roads and bridges, many ore over 300 years old. Schools are usually overcrowded and in need of repair. In small towns there are often no schools except a "tele" school, where the classes are taught on a tv. To go to school over the 6th grade, the children must go to a larger town...either the family must move, or they must spend a long time on a bus every day. Medium size towns and large cities have better schools...private schools are very common because the quality of teaching in the public schools is often poor. In general, people live more simply and do not have as many "things" as people in the do not expect to have every new electronic gadget that comes along...but they do LOVE cell phones and try to have one if they can. They usually use calling cards for time on their cell phone...teenagers the world over love those cell phones! Of course, many are too poor to have a cell phone, but the teens do what they can to be as stylish as their friends in hair styles, clothing etc. I find teens here to be much more respectful of their parents...MUCH MORE..also of other people. They are friendly and will talk to older people very comfortably. There are huge shopping malls and grocery stores in middle to big size cities, but people do most of their shopping in the small neighborhood stores. Even in huge grocery stores , the frozen food section is tiny...they just do not use frozen foods...they actually COOK. Mexican food in Mexico is not at all like Mexican food in the U.S. ! Every state has its own specialities. Mexicans love dessert, but the sweets here are not as sugary as in the U.S. Even so, dental problems are widespread here. Careful dental care is not taught in elementary schools and homes and baby teeth are looked on as unimportant since they are going to fall out 80% of the population has serious dental problems. The dentists are is just a problem of education and getting people to change their outlook on dental care. Well... I better quit here! I spend my days working with poor children and families here , so I see their everyday life close-up. I'm glad your class is learning about the real Mexico.

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    Well, this is pretty general since there are many indigenous groups but it would be a pretty good bet if someone is from the states of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco, Oaxaca they would likely be Mayan. The language is just called Mayan but there are many different regional version of the language, not sure how many but easily over 20. Aztec would be south and central Mexico near Mexico City but I know much less about the Aztecs then Mayans so maybe someone else can expand on that. The language is called Nahuatl.

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    The Mexican culture is very family oriented. Their children are very well thought of by their families. Family ties are usually very close. It's not uncommon to find many people in the same family living within a short distance from each other.

    They are hard working people and have an earthy sense of humor.

    They take life day by day and accept many things for what they are.

    They enjoy life to their best.

    Family outings, picnics, mini-vacations are taken as often as possible.

    They rank higher than most foreign countries in honesty. They will generally always be friendly and courteous to strangers and foreigners.

    They are very religious and most are Catholics.

    The church plays an important role in their lives.

    Source(s): Been to MX over a 100 times; lives in MX 3-4 mos a yr; wife is from MX,
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    Modern Day Mexico

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