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Can Ptc paper tell if your parents are not your biological parents?

Just asking because my science teacher gave me a strip of ptc paper and asked if we could taste it or not. I couldn't taste it ... does that mean BOTH of my parents can't taste it?

Say one of my parents can taste it, are they my real parent.... is it possible that they ARE my real parent if they can taste it? THNX!


thank you... I can't taste it but my dad can. I was really sad :( i was beggining to doubt if he was my dad.

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    1 decade ago
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    Since tasting is the dominant allele, then both of your parents can be Rr, and you can be rr. They would both taste it and you wouldn't. If one parent can taste it and ther other can't, The one that can could be Rr. In other words, you can't tell if someone is not your parent from the Ptc paper test.

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