Weird abilities. Need to Know What they are?

Hi I have a strange question with something that has been happening to me for a while now.

It started last year a few weeks after my birthday. I am now 26 I am currently overseas working. This may sound crazy but I can see through people. It doesn't always happen at will. It started with me playing a guessing game with friends with 'what colour' they were thinking. The strange thing is when normally we try to figure something out we think and depend on alot of facts and we sit there thinking away. But the strange thing about this is that when i was asked to guess the colour there was this sudden flash of light in my mind and it seemed like my eyes looked up towards the center of my forehead and I saw a colour. I guessed the colour right and they tried again and again with me. I freaked out because I kept guessing from colours to numbers to letters of the alphabet right. I even tried with places and I have been atleast 80 percent right.

The weird thing is that I don't think or analyse anything, I just see the image or colour in my head and it's usually the first visualization I get and it travels very quick it's like I am catching the other person's thought more than reading it. Also if I do force myself to do it or if I am in the dumps emotionally or if I haven't eaten or slept well it gets worse or doesn't work at all. Like just blank. like shutters over my forehead.

The 2nd strange thing, when i touch someone usually with my left hand, like hold their hand or hug or get just close enough to them I have a sense of 'knowing' what their health status is or how they are feeling, who they hold deeply in their heart and their intentions.

The thing is I don't try to 'figure' them out, I don't try to 'invade' them, it just comes to me. I had a friend who was panicking about whether they have a particular 'disease' because the information they got was leading them to conclude that it was. I held their hand for a moment to comfort them and in a weird way I just 'knew' my friend wasn't sick. Though I could feel the emotions they were going through at the time. A few weeks later, my friend went to get their medical results back and told me that I was right and perhaps still intrigued by how I knew. I said I just 'knew'.

3rd strange ability. This one is still a problem at hand and it seems to be growing each day. It's a problem because all of this is purely unintended. I get static shocked each time I touch metal even at night. I touch people or if I touch metal I static shock myself and the other person at the same time and believe me it's strong. The last time I remember having a huge static shock was with my dad a few years back. I was handing him the garage keys and before my hand touched his there was this bright flash of bluish electric current going across atleast 1 inch long and both of us felt like we've been hit by a slamming door. I couldn't forget it. It was horrible. I have trouble getting in my car or working where I have to constantly touch metallic objects. There was a stage where I had to wear gloves while I was working and whenever I had to stop by the gas station people would look at me like I'm nuts because I used to touch my car and the handles and everything really quickly. The gloves only worked 30 percent of the time. I have seen doctors, they tell me I don't drink enough water or that my hands are too dry. I do drink alot of water and even my feet or legs or hips get electricuted! It's a nightmare.

Besides the static shock, I make computers go funny, usually it will get frozen or have errors or totally shut down. When that happens I'm usually angry, frustrated or over excited. I can move the cursor on the screen without even touching the mouse and turn or close a web page before I even get to doing it. Though these could be just random computer things.

4th thing is, this is very recent. out of day dreaming I would get images of things that happen in the future. For example I would be day dreaming about being on a beach or the house of dreams or even thinking about what I am going to do today and all of a sudden I end up day dreaming about walking and my phone rings and a particular friend has called me. Then in reality I wanna go out to eat or something I get up from my couch, walk downstairs, I'm walking and what do you know my phone rings and it's my friend.

I have tried over and over again, it's pretty hard to think that this is just my imagination going over board. Yet it feels the same as imagining something or day dreaming. I mean sure this could be coincidence and nothing more.

So can anyone give me a scientific or logical explanation for these weird abilities. Please need some insight on this. I would appreciate any input, like whether you think I am a nutcase or whatever.


About my sign, I was born on 12th December 1982 at 11:55pm.

Update 2:

Also had a dream the other day there was water on the ground, there was a metallic huge object cylinder looking it was rotating then i hit a car or truck and there was an explosion, i think there was a plane or a flying vehicle too.

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  • Isa
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    1 decade ago
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    This is what astrology says about Sagittarius people regarding that:

    *These people see things entirely differ­ent from the rest of humanity. Belonging to the realm of prophecy, they are also naturally clairvoyant and clairaudient. They hear words and see visions that the world knows not of. Their minds reach out far beyond the present, and so it comes to pass that a Sagittarius person is often accused of fabrication.*

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I got some one those strange abilities too! but that hand thing when it gets big is just stupid, anyways. I have alot of abilities too, and believe me... you don't want them. It can torture your life!

  • 1 decade ago

    Man,I wish I had these abilities,how are these a problem?!

    Source(s): Very interesting question.Maybe you are psychic.
  • 1 decade ago

    Wow you are a witch or something ( a good one).

    What zodiac sign are you?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    weird. Maybe you do have psychic abilities...

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