Is there a way to listen to live nascar races on my PC?

I know there are hundreds of online radio stations to listen to,I ONLY would like to know if there is one to listen to live nascar races.

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    NASCAR.COM aired selected races last year to actually watch...and also has the radio...I think its called mrn or something...sorry I don't know but I did listen to it this year when I was at work and the duels were on. You will have to check with NASCAR.COM or someone else may have the link for you for the radio.

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    Go to They have a program called Trackpass. It will cost you some money but that is one way. You might also look up MRN and see if they have any stations that have it for free on the net. The third thing is XM or Sirius and subscribe to the internet radio. You have lots of options but they will cost money.

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    You should have a program that allows you to listen to different radio stations. If you are lucky, one of them might carry the race.

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    If you had Sirius Radio you can listen online.

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