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Software needed (please help)?

Also if i make an mmorpg in C++ can i sell the game on a y monthly pay?


Hi can anyone tell me some software i can use (FREE AND LEGAL) to make an mmorpg.i want software to make the 3d models,image making and other stuff that you need to make an mmorpg and the website,database has to be legal because i might sell my mmorpg if its good.i have 5 years experience programming big games in C++ and i have a big working skilled team.please help.

Update 2:

sorry i wrote that wrong.If i make a mmorpg in C++ can i sell it legally on monthly prepay

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    First of all, yes you can sell. However, I don't think there's free softwares that do what you want. Most of the professional softwares are rather expensive, and for good reason. Unless you know what you're doing, I suggest you put off this venture. You'll need a high-speed, stable connection, a good ISP, a good server, lots of time and man-power, and knowledgeable in MMO making, 3D model making, scripting, animating. And most of all, you'll need a good storyline, good gameplay, good quests and plenty of them, a great PvP system. The MMO will also need frequent updates, probably once a week, but once a month minimum. Read more here, great article about what you need to do to make a half-decent MMORPG:

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