What r some good country songs?

Or any good country songs by taylor swift? Or carrie underwood? And so on. Thanks

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    shake the sugar tree by pam tillis

    drive south by suzy bogguss

    timber, i'm falling in love by patty loveless

    two sparrows in a hurricane by tanya tucker

    more like her by miranda lambert

    love don't care by tonya watts

    what part of no by lorrie morgan

    my baby loves me by martina mcbride

    van lear rose by loretta lynn

    barricades and brickwalls by kasey chambers

    crazy by patsy cline

    young love by the judds

    i feel lucky by mary chapin carpenter

    takin off this pain by ashton shepherd

    kern river by emmylou harris

    down came a blackbird by lila mccann

    i break things by erika jo

    single white female by chely wright

    ten thousand angels by mindy mccready

    findin' a good man by danielle peck

    homewrecker by gretchen wilson

    wild one by faith hill

    american girl (x's & o's) by trisha yearwood

    jolene by dolly parton

    fancy by reba mcentire

    strawberry wine by deana carter

    knocked up by heidi newfield

    she ain't the girl for you by the kinleys

    complicated by carolyn dawn johnson

    when boy meets girl by terri clark

    one way ticket (because i can) by leann rimes

    she ain't me by carrie rodriguez

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    Taylor Swift:

    Love Story

    Hey Stephen

    White Horse

    Teardrops On My Guitar

    Stay Beautiful

    Beautiful Eyes

    Picture To Burn

    Should've Said No

    Forever & Always

    Tell Me Why

    Carrie Underwood:

    Last Name

    Jesus Take the Wheel

    Flat On the Floor

    All American Girl

    So Small

    Just A Dream

    Crazy Dreams

    Ashton Shepherd:

    Not Right Now

    Sounds So Good

    Takin' Off This Pain

    Danielle Peck:

    Isn't That Everything

    Here's To Finding A Good Man

    Bad For Me

    Deanna Carter:

    I'm Just A Girl

    Strawberry Wine

    There's No Limit

    Girl's Night


    Faith Hill:

    Dearly Beloved


    This Kiss


    Julianne Hough:

    Hide Your Matches

    My Hallelujah Song--GOOD SONG

    Song In My Head

    Miranda Lambert:

    Gunpowder & Lead

    More Like Her


    Getting Ready

    I Wanna Die

    Love Is Looking For You

    Lady Antebellum:

    I Run To You

    Love's Looking Good On You

    Looking For A Good Time

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    Here are all the songs I know(with a little help from http://www.cowboylyrics.com/ lol)

    Taylor Swift Songs:

    Tim McGraw

    Picture To Burn

    Teardrops On My Guitar

    Place In This World

    Cold As You

    The Outside

    Tied Together With A Smile

    Stay Beautiful

    Shouldv'e Said No

    Mary's Song(Oh My My My)

    Our Song

    I'm Only Me When I'm With You


    A Perfectly Good Heart



    Love Story

    Hey Steven

    White Horse

    You Belong With Me


    Tell Me Why

    You're Not Sorry

    The Way I Loved You

    Forever And Always

    The Best Day


    I'd Lie

    You Don't Have To Call

    Come In With The Rain

    Permanent Marker

    Beautiful Eyes

    Your Anything

    Your Face

    Christmas Must Be Something More

    Christmases When You Were Mine

    I Heart Question Mark

    Am I Ready For Love

    Sparks Fly

    Barnyard Song

    Lucky You

    What To Wear

    Can I Go With You?

    Here You Come Again

    Smoky Black Nights

    Wecome Back Grunwald

    Carrie Underwood Songs:

    Flat On The Floor

    All-American Girl

    So Small

    Just A Dream

    Get Out Of This Town

    Crazy Dreams

    I Know You Won't

    Last Name

    You Won't Find This

    I Told You So

    More Boys I Meet


    Wheel Of The World


    Don't Forget To Remember Me

    Some Hearts

    Jesus, Take The Wheel

    The Night Before(Life Goes On)

    Lessons Learned

    Before He Cheats

    Starts With Goodbye

    I Just Can't Live A Lie

    We're Young And Beautiful

    That's Where It Is

    Whenever You Remember

    I Ain't In Checotah Anymore

    Inside Your Heaven

    Angels Brought Me Here

    I'll Stand By You

    Ever Ever After

    Sometimes You Leave

    Faith Hill Songs:

    Sleeping With The Telephone

    Red Umbrella


    I Need You(with Tim McGraw)


    Mississippi Girl


    There You'll Be

    The Way You Love Me


    The Secret Of Life

    Let Me Let Go

    This Kiss

    It Matters To Me

    Piece Of My Heart

    Wild One

    Tim McGraw Songs:

    Last Dollar(Fly Away)

    I'm Workin'

    Let It Go

    Whiskey And You



    Put Your Lovin' On Me

    Nothin' To Die For

    Between The River And Me

    Train 910

    I Need You

    Comin' Home

    Shotgun Rider

    Live Like You Were Dying

    My Old Friend

    Like We Never Loved At All

    The Cowboy In Me

    When The Stars Go Blue

    Real Good Man

    She's My Kind Of Rain

    Grown Men Don't Cry

    Not A Moment Too Soon

    Watch The Wind Blow By

    Over And Over (feat. Nelly)


    Beautiful People

    Red Rag Top

    My Little Girl

    I've Got Friends That Do

    Alan Jackson Songs:

    Good Time

    Small Town Southern Man

    I Wish I Could Back Up

    Country Boy

    Right Where I Want You


    When The Love Factor's High

    Long Long Way

    Sissy's Song

    I Still Like Bologna

    Never Loved Before f/ Martina McBride

    Nothing Left To Do

    Listen To Your Senses

    This Time

    Laid Back'n Low Key

    If You Want To Make Me Happy

    If Jesus Walked The World Today

    Anywhere On Earth You Are

    Good Imitation Of The Blues

    Like Red On A Rose

    Nobody Said That It Would Be Easy

    Don't Change On Me

    The Firefly's Song

    Wait A Minute

    Had It Not Been You

    A Woman's Love

    Don't Ask Why

    As Lovely As You

    Where Do I Go From Here (A Trucker's Song)


    Blessed Assurance

    Softly And Tenderly

    I Love To Tell The Story

    When We All Get To Heaven

    'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

    In The Garden

    Are You Washed In The Blood?

    I'll Fly Away

    What A Friend We Have In Jesus

    Standing On The Promises

    Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

    Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

    The Old Rugged Cross

    How Great Thou Art

    I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You

    Little Bitty

    Everything I Love

    Who's Cheatin' Who

    There Goes

    I'll Go On Lovin' You

    Right On The Money

    Gone Crazy

    Little Man

    Pop A Top

    The Blues Man

    It Must Be Love

    www. memory

    When Somebody Loves You

    Where I Come From

    Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)

    Drive (For Daddy Gene)

    It's Five O'clock Somewhere

    Remember When

    Job Description

    Tropical Depression

    Let's Get Back To Me and You

    You Can't Give Up On Love

    Hole In The Wall

    Buicks to the Moon

    When Love Comes Around

    The Sounds

    Hope This Helped!

    Source(s): the main page i got most of this information on is http://www.cowboylyrics.com/
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    Taylor Swift- Love story, Our song, Should've said no

    Carrie Underwood- Wasted, So small, Thats where it is, I told you so

    Brad Paisley- Online

    Steve Holy- Good morning beautiful

    Miranda Lambert- More like her

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    I'm a huge Carrie Underwood fan. My favorites by her are Twisted, Crazy Dreams, That's Where It Is, and Get Out of This Town. I definitely reccommend both of her albums (Some Hearts and Carnival Ride). They're great!

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    Taylor swift:

    love story

    tear drops on my guitar

    picture to die

    Carrie Underwood:

    before he cheats

    I just listed my favorites. Hoped it helped!!

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    The only country song I like is When The Sun Goes Down by Kenny Chesney

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    Pretty much anything by The Dixie Chicks. Also try Rascal Flatts. And Toby Keith. And Shania Twain.

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    taylor swift:

    hey stephen

    tim mcgraw

    you belong with me


    should've said no

    whit horse

    our song

    picture to burn

    carrie underwood:

    last name

    martina mcbride:

    my baby loves me

    concrete angel

    life #9

    Independence day


    Source(s): me :)
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    the love story by taylor swift

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    9 to 5-Dolly Parton

    Stand by your man-Tammy Wynette

    Everything is Fine-Josh Turner

    Watching You-Rodney Atkins

    Rocks Instead of Rice-Kellie Pickler

    One Last Time-Kellie Pickler

    Somebody to love Me-Kellie Pickler

    You must listen to Kellie Pickler ones. They will blow you away!

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