Question on recomended Vegetarian diet?

I havent eaten animals for a week now. My diet has consisted of: Veggie Samooses, Toast with marmite, McCartney burgers, Vegetable soups and bread and Veggie Burgers with Tomato Lettuce Onion or Veg Sausage Rolls. I dont eat fruit except Tomato, and the only Veg I eat is Potatoes, Greens, Onions. I dont miss eating meat, only Cheese. Its difficult to find vegetarian products in supermarket, please help!


What can I replace Cheese with?

Update 2:

Eggs? Can I eat eggs seeing they are baby chickens?

Update 3:

I DO like peppers but never cooked them.

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    It's true that eggs are not baby chickens, as they've not been fertilized. Female chickens are the only sex at the egg production facility so their eggs have not been fertilized by the males. Males are picked out and killed at the hatchery. Which is one of the reasons vegans do not eat eggs. I do not eat eggs. Chickens are one of the most abused animals in factory farming. And when they no longer produce enough eggs to keep the farmer happy, they are removed and killed. Here's some info. from Vegan Outreach

    Here's a guide from them to help with your vegan diet

    Another guide from Vegetarian Times

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    No it's not very difficult really! They usually have a frozen section full of veggie foods like, the McCartney burgers, cottage pies, mince meat, chicken pieces and sausages! There is also things like tofo that you could try. Also pastas and stir frys (minus the veg) hope this helps!

    Yeah you can still eat cheese and eggs, those are fine for veggies.. although vegans do not eat these...

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    Congratulations on your new dietary direction. But, and it is a big but, you need to expand the parameters of your food choices. A vegetarian Multivitamin would be a good choice for you too. Country Life makes a good one and Solgar's VM 75 is good too. Do not buy synthetic vitamins however as they are a total waste of money.

    There is a huge philosophical debate over eggs. I have not eaten anything with eggs in it for over forty years. Whether they are fertilized or not they are flesh foods and loaded with salmonella.

    Personally I would encourage you to explore the Health Food Stores and to be a whole lot more adventurous with your food choices. You need 5 a Day Fruit and Veggies and the colors are important. Yellow and orange veggies and fruit are important because of the nutrients they provide so you need to add in the carrots. There are cheeses available that are made with vegetable rennet. Whole Foods identifies them very clearly.

    Whole Grains are important. Brown Rice, Barley, Millet, Quinoa, Rye. Corn, Oats, Wheat. Use them as cereals, as well as flours for bakery products and cooked grain, like pilaf. Quinoa is the only grain that contains all seven of the essential amino acids. Which means that you need to complement the others with beans, legumes and nuts. Tofu deserves your attention too. It is bland but that means that you can take in many directions -- everything from appetizers through soups to main dishes all the way through amazing desserts.

    Beans and Legumes too deserve a place on your plate as does Tempeh for the B12 content and Nutritional Yeast also. Protein is important but even more so is the B12 which is essential for your health.

    For amazing recipes check out,

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    I am not a vegetarian, but I limit my meat intake to a few times a month. I would like to think Im eating a healthy and balanced diet which includes a lot of veggies, fruits, polenta, brown rice and tofu. I do enjoy the Morningstar products for the hearty texture and also a good filler. If Im out, sometimes I like to have a veggie sub or visit my favorite restaurants and have them alter any dish with meat and swap the ingredients out for my vegetarian needs. You can even have vegetarian clear broth before any meal, the warm broth makes you feel full and satisfied. Im sure you already eat a lot of salad, but make it more interesting by adding candied pecans, pine nuts, craisins, strawberries or even grapes. Just make sure you dont get bored with the same 'ol same 'ol.

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    if you want to give up cheese, you can try vegan cheese alternatives - usually found in health food shops. you can still eat vegetarian cheeses though - there are quite a lot available (some cheese isn't veggie though).

    try tofu - make sure you press out all of the water though, and fry it well so it's crisped outside, otherwise it'll be unpleasant. you can make a great stir fry with it, and vegetables of your choice - it's a good way to start enjoying more vegetables. use a jar/packet of sauce, or add your own flavours - chilli/soy sauce/garlic/onion/ginger etc.

    if you like samosas, try a vegetable curry with rice, poppadoms and naan bread - you could use quorn pieces or tofu in this too.

    pasta is a good option too. either plain with a tomato sauce or pesto, or use veggie mince (from most supermarkets) for spaghetti bolognese.

    also mexican - chilli with veggie mince / beans - tacos/tortillas/fajitas.

    being vegetarian can expand your tastes a lot, and you can enjoy all kinds of foods from around the world, though one of my favourite meals is still beans on toast!

    Source(s): veggie for 15 years
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    Most vegetarians still consume eggs and dairy products. Commercial eggs have not been fertilized, and as such are NOT (and never will be) baby chickens. There is no reason to be eating such a limited range of food. And supermarkets are FULL of vegetarian food- fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta, nuts, seeds, juices, beans, peas, lentils...

    Do some research online, or buy a good cookbook.

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    ive recently converted to being a vegetarian. 7 days ive been doing it for! Lols,

    you can eat cheese because its only vegans who dont eat cheese and eggs.

    Eggs are fine also because they would of never grown into a chicken.



    oh yeah, just buy lots of pasta and rice and make yourself veggie curry, (sauce and vegetables) or spaghetti in a tomatoey sauce and stuff.

    =) Hope ive helped.

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    you can try a veggie/breakfast burrito. they are super good all you do is saute onions, red and green peppers, tomatos, cheese, and eggs in a pan till the eggs and such are cooked, then you put it inside a tortilla and you are done!! this fills you up and is healthy and delicious

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    i suggest you drop the fake meats and veggie products; they are not natural. What I like to do is bring honey roasted peanuts and a fruit bowl. you can cut your own fruit or just buy the fruit bowl at the supermarket. another thing i like to do is drink these amazing smoothies that you buy at the supermarket for $2.99 and they are loaded with so many great vitamins/minerals and antioxidants, and they are amazingly delicious. They are completely natural. None of that preservative bull sh!t, no weird chemicals, nothing. Checking the ingredients for yourself. So yeah I like to drink those and maybe eat some bread with peanut butter on it, or munch on some cashews, or almonds, or walnuts.

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    You should try to add more fruits to your diet. Drinking 1oz of jus is the equivalent of 13 servings of fruit, and costs about $2. Good luck trying to buy 13 servings of fruit for less than $2 and receive the same variety and benefits.

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