save me, please ;(

I'm in New Zealand for my exchange program.

I have to stay in here for one school year but I got terrible homesick.

I already stay in here about 36 days n I don't have friends .

I really want to back to HongKong but I don't know what can I do..

My parents already paid this school year fee and I don't want to waste they money, what can I do what can I do?

I feel no hopeless, no happiness, no friends, no family in here.

NZ life makes me very stifle .I start to think why I have to breath at this moment.. It's very normal thing? please..answer ;(((((

everyday everynight I cry ;((

my soul want to leave my body..


thank you for ur comment.

but how can I leave here?

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    I felt very sorry about your situation.I ever try this also.Only myself stayed in a place with no body cares you and help you.Actually, you will feel hopeless is very obvious.But, have you think about that one things?There is still a lot of interesting things in this world you have never try before.AH...Suck as playing water sports ,driving racing car,all kinds of things that will may you amaze a lot.Actually,i ever think about why i have to live in this horrible world,i ever think about stop breathing to leave this world.But this all about the recent moment,everything will be alright,Just look forward for an another beautiful day.Because everyday have new things happen.Maybe tomorrow someone will tell you that he /she likes you.And hope you can makes friends with them.So why don't you just stop feeling hopeless for a while.You just feel a little sick just rest and feel happy.Just everything will be alright.So just please stop feeling about all the negative feeling.OK.If you hurt yourself,your parents hurt and your best friends hurt.Everything will feel sad about you.So you really want to make one decision and make them feel restless pain for their rest lives

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    But instead you said that you don't want to waste the money provided by your parents so why don't you just use the money they gave you to buy a air flight ticket and leave there at what time you are happy to do so.

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