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    我想我這裡有一篇有關Making Friends的文章..


    你看看吧...不是的話 在跟我說嚕


    An English proverb says, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Confucius has also added that good friends should be "straightforward, upright, and knowledgeable." Poor Taiwan has been searching for friends around the world for years. It has even been offering cash enticements in exchange for friendship, just to lure those countries that are "poor, deceitful, and materialistic."

    Senegal, friend of Taiwan, is the perfect example. A decade ago, the country cut diplomatic ties with Mainland China for monetary reasons. Yet now, it wants to switch allegiance to Mainland China for the same reason. Not feeling ashamed, Senegal further adds that "bewteen countries there are no friends, only shared benefits." Alas, we could definitely do without such friends!

    With Senegal gone, Taiwan is left with only 25 friends. But we need not despair, for "when it comes to making friends, quality matters more than quantity." What's more, rather than having to squander money year after year to provide for corrupt allies, wouldn't it be better if we use the money to fund the nation's school lunch?

    走開! 損友!

    西諺云:「在你需要時幫助你的,才是真正的朋友」. 孔子也說,好的朋友必須「友直,友諒,友多聞」.可憐的台灣,多年來在世界各地辛苦尋找朋友,甚至不惜花大錢買朋友,遇到的卻偏偏都是「友頻,友詐,友現實」的傢伙.


    沒有了塞內加爾,台灣只剩25個朋友.不過大家別絕望,「朋友貴精不貴多」. 而且與其每年撒錢讓友邦貪污,還不如將錢花在台灣學童的營養午餐!


    company(n.) 伴侶

    proverb(n.) 諺語;格言



    upright(adj.) 正直的;誠實的


    enticement(n.) 誘惑

    lure(v.) 引誘

    deceitful (adj.) 詐欺的

    materialistic(adj.) 物質主義的;現實主義的

    diplomatic tie 外交關係

    monetary(adj.) 金錢的

    allegiance (n.) 忠誠

    ashamed(adj.) 羞恥的

    benefit(n.) 利益;好處

    despair(v.) 絕望

    quality(n.) 質

    quantity (n.) 量

    squander(v.) 浪費

    corrupt(adj.) 腐敗的;貪污的

    ally(n.) 盟友

    fund(v.) 提供資金


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    那我給你些例句好了 = =

    can't+V+too/enough 再....也不為過;愈...愈好

    EX:We can't be too careful in choosing friends.

    We can't be careful enough in choosing friends.

    We can't be over careful in choosing friends.


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    A friend is not so soon gotten as lost.(失友容易,得友難)

    A man is known by the company he keeps.(觀其友,知其人)

    Birds of a feather flock together.(物以類聚)

    Promises are, like piecrust, made to be broken.(有福同享,有難同當)

    Share and share alike.(有苦同受,有福同享)

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    Source(s): 自己!打了好久的字= =, Myself, Myself
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