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    The article is about the thinking that the cross-century leaders should acquire.


    Each paragraph, the author takes advantage of a small story as a foreword in associate with the characteristics and styles of the new-era leaders.


    At part one,it speaks of that the pressure is the momentum for the progress.


    For instance,in the new-era leadership camp,during the idealism bluemap course,the stress laid on us and our partners by fault-finding judges and self-imposed pressures all became the spurs that helped us to perform better.


    Laziness is the best sleeping pills for an organization.


    Not just for fish, anything else will finally devastate if thay lead a lazy life.


    Take the domestic economy for example.


    When major entrepreneurs hold a casual attitude and without any innovations and creativities,the leaders who do not know that they must change their policies and set new goals according to the major environment all lead a lazy and non-selfconscious life.


    Then the domestic economy will necessarily like the early-time nation-run enterprises,becoming in a sleeping state inch by inch after the open due to the obstinateness of the leaders wich caused the lack of competitiveness of the enterprises.


    Laziness is the best sleeping pills for an organization

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    This article is to describe a leaser who is going to straddle new and old centuries of those thinking he should possess. Each paragraph will be developed with a piece of story for the preface with a result to extend the concerned leader of his own charisma and his style. In the Part I, we mention about the exterior or interior pressures shall motivate one’s growth. For example, there is a training camp for Development of Leaders in the New Century, it is undertaking a course named “Ideal Blue Prints”.

    There comes a situation, the pressures duly come from those strict juries, the other participants and himself. Those pressures reversely help and encourage us to perform ourselves to the best.

    “Easement can be sleeping pills of your organization.” We speak not just to fishes but all thing about us if they go easily consistently, we will go to ruin at the end.

    Enterprises-wide, they are now suffering from the global economic recession, however, they are always take their attitudes towards running their business randomly.

    They just do nothing innovative, without any sense of new creative development. All those conservative big enterprises runners they do not be aware of staging a new strategy to cop with the present radical inflation, and plan their new targets to survive their organization. Nevertheless, They live with their easy lives without a bit of consciousness and initiative. And I think it would lead to an pessimism as those days the experience of the failure of those non-profitable state run corporations. Once the public policy to set free those bad corporations to be privatized, they moved into a deep slumber.

    All those painful experiences were attributed from the old time leaders who were not in time to make the necessary counter measures to recover their reputation and lost their potential of competition. These phenomena is just to reflect to what we said in the beginning of this paragraph, that is “Easement can be sleeping pills of your organization.”

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    This article is speaking the cross-century leader proper thought that each section uses a small story to take the introduction, extends to the new century leader's characteristic and the style, the first part talked about the pressure is the growth power, for example: In the new century leader only then cultivates in the camp, when carries on “the ideal blueprint” this curriculum, the poisonous snake syndicate grants our pressure, the partners as well as to own pressure, becomes causes us to display the best boost, the power. not only “easy and comfortable is the organization best sleeping pill” the fish, so long as other person thing crosses easily and comfortably, will step onto the deconstruction finally. By the domestic economy, when each big entrepreneurs are embracing the casual manner, the innovation, has not had the creativity, the leader not to know that must change the new strategy, the hypothesis fresh target along with the environment, crosses is not having the consciousness not aware life easily and comfortably, that domestic economy will certainly look like early the state-operated enterprise to be the same, once after opening, will enter the deep sleep condition gradually, because the leader will not know is accommodating, caused the enterprise to lack the competitive power, “peaceful anecdote organization best sleeping pill”.

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    This article is talking about the proper thought what a cross-century

    leader should have.

    It takes a small story as the introduction at each section,

    including to the new century leaders characteristic and style.

    The first part is about that pressure is the power of growth.

    For example, in the training for new century leader ,

    when carrid on the curriculum〝 ideal blueprint〞,

    the pressure-- from〝poisonous snake syndicate〞,

    the partners and self -- had become the best helper and power to

    make us display the best.

    〝Easiness and comfortables are the best sleeping pills.〞

    not only for the fish but also for the organization.

    No matter anything, too easy and comfortable ,will tend to perishes

    at last.

    By the domestic economy, when the radom manners are holding by each entreprisers ,

    they will not have any innovation nor creativity.

    The leaders do not know how to change the strategy or set new target according to circumstances,

    their life is going with easiness and comfortabls, without conscious- ness and awareness.

    So that the domestic economy will be just as the state-operated

    enterprise early ,

    it is falling to the sound sleep gradually as soon as it is opened.

    The enterprise lacks the competitive power just because of that the

    leader do not know how to bend the rules.

    So we said〝Easiness and comfortables are the best sleeping pills for the organization.〞


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