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What party do I belong to please help!!!!!! 5 points best answer please help!!!!!!!!!!!?

I took a political test and i needed to pay for it if you can give me a free Party test that will be fine I dont belive in the party system but I need to do a paper for my Soc. studies class or a link to a good one would be good very good!

1. Abortion

2. Budget & Economy (Free Market vs. Regulated/Socialism)

3. Federal Bailouts/Stimulus

4. Civil Rights/Affimative Action/Gay Rights

5. Crime (Capital Punishment, Three Strikes Law, Lawsuit Payout Regulation)

6. Drugs (Legalization or Medical Legalization)

7. Education (School Choice, Funding, No Child Left Behind)

8. Energy & Oil

9. Environment/Global Warming

10. Families & Children (Same-sex adoption/Gay adoption rights)

11. Free Trade

12. Gun Control

13. Healthcare (Malpractice Reform/Universal Healthcare/other issues)

14. Homeland Security (Torture Techniques, Gitmo, Defense Spending)

15. Immigration

16. Social Security (Privitization)

17. Taxes (Progressive Tax plan or Fair tax)

18. Technology (Government money set aside, stem cell research)

19. War (Iraq War, Iranian Tensions, Israel-Gaza conflict, Afganistan War)

20. Welfare (continue or abolish)

1 Pro- Live but invest more in safe sex so pregnancys don't happen in the first place

2 Free market but with some regulation

3 Against

4 Gay rights the rest no

5 crime Lawsuit reform three strikes no Capital punishment no only one reason takes more money than to let them look at a wall for 50 years

6 drugs Marijuana legal since it is the less harmful and when something illegal becomes legal use over the decade drops dramatically

7 higher funding reform no child left behind so that schools that are falling behind dont get left behind because a lack of funding.

8 Oil is ganna be here like it or not but we need to look for alternative like natural gas and hydrogen

9We need to protect our forests but global warming is a small problem that is not looked into enough inconvenient truth was a lie global warming is a problem but not as much as AL gore said it is

10 If only they make sure a strong female or male presents is in the house the opposite sex from there gay parents

11 reform free trade were we are not sending 1 25$ a to china in return for 2 11$ hour job at walmart

12 second amendment of course

13 im for a optional government health care plan not required were if you want to pay for state health care you get it.(many ways to fund it)

14.Terrorists don't deserve trials but some of those people shouldn't be there but for those who don torture them its called justice.

15 Immigration reform round them up send them back give certain ones passes to work in fields 1 strike program they as much as steal a pen there back to Mexico

16 not to reform if we privatized it when GWB wanted to it would be ruined in our market.

17 I'm actually very pro- Fair Tax i have been since i have herd of it from Mike Huckabee

18 well im not against stem cell research im against abortion but its tied i rather have a live baby then a old man with a new hip

19 against Iraq war we should take out nuclear option out of Iran then we should have talks with them if they don't acknowledge Israel as a country then ignore them till they do Pro Afghanistan war neutral in Israel-Gaza conflict im looking for a seize fire peace agreement and then end to homaz (hope i spelled that right)

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    Take this test. It tells you what party you belong with,etc. I hope you come to our side, Libs. Conservatives get on my nerves, especially the two, well technically one, I have to live with.

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    A moderate/centrist Republican.

  • You are more Republican than Bush was, but I won't go into details about that or the fact it makes me a little angry you are against gay rights...

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  • centrist. you have views that fall on both sides and aren't really one extreme or the other

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    5. Crime

    cause you look

    like a Marine in your avatar .. lol :D

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    You are in the Asshole party.

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