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If Abortion and Death Penalty are legal, why assisted suicide isn't?

if a person is so terminally and painfully ill or so disfigured... why can't people helped them suicide?

If people don't wanna live like that... don't they have right to end their life? Why force them to live like that?

Especially when an ex smoker who had his mouth removed because of cancer... and become horrific deformed, and he doesn't want to leave the house because people can be sooo ignorant and discriminate him....

Why can't people help him suicide?

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    The "Right to Die" debate in America ( and many countries) is very heated and rich. I believe assisted suicide should be legal in some extreme cases, like major deformations, burns that inhibit you to go outside, vegetable state (you are barely alive), or any pain that can be felt constantly that you can't control.

    However, allowing that can open the door to stupid cases like a guy who just got dumped by a girl and is ridiculously insecure, there should be no way as a Western society that we should allow that person to commit suicide.

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    One state does have assisted suicide. If i'm not flawed that's Montana. the reason that's against the regulation is with the help of the fact if somebody "assists" in a suicide this is not quite a suicide and could't be labeled as such. Its merely like the question if somebody jumps off a development and is hit via a bullet on the way down and dies did the guy who shot him dedicate a homicide? the respond is definite. It can't be labeled as organic, unintentional, or suicide because of the fact yet another individual replaced into the certainly reason for dying. Suicide isn't unlawful in any state. you have the main superb to do what you like on your physique because of the fact of this abortion is criminal. the reason the dying penalty is criminal is with the help of the fact human beings have been convicted and characteristic met the standards to be sentenced to dying. Murdering somebody on my own isn't adequate adequate to be sentenced to dying. human beings make it look like the dying penalty is surpassed out like candy yet fail to work available are in basic terms specific circumstances that it pertains to. issues like killing somebody below the age of 6 or over the age of sixty 5. Killing greater beneficial than one individual. Killing somebody whilst in the value of a legal. Killing a peace officer or fireplace fighter appearing in the direction of their accountability. in the state of Texas there are in basic terms six the thank you to be sentenced to dying. I indexed some above. As you will discover from above you could desire to do something greater beneficial than merely homicide to be sentenced to dying.

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    because they have our laws backwards. but i think they would rather have ill people suffer so they can suck all money out of them for healthcare.and prescription meds. the sicker they get the more healthcare they need and meds. it's sad but if they made it legal they would lose money.

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    i agree, i think assisted suicide should be legal.

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