Ebay, Won auction eBay er no longer member, do I still pay?

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I just won an auction, got a $20 dollar book for $4 ,what a steal =D. On my eBay page, payment is still due, however as of yesterday, the seller is no longer a member (or so says eBay)also, the listing is no longer available. This seller had a good reputation, but just disappeared overnight. I'm new to eBay, and still haven't payed my $4, the book was a great deal and I'd be willing to pay double for it, I messaged the seller, but got no response. Should I pay up? If I do pay, is the seller still obligated to send me my book? If not, can this seller stain my eBay reputation? Thank you for your patience, I am a new eBay, all informative responses will be Thumbed-Up.

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    No, don't pay while the seller is suspended. In fact I don't think the eBay checkout will even let you do that any more. As far as I know, the seller needs to be an active user in order for you to be protected by PayPal.

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