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describe da food web between the organisms listed below.identify each one as a producer,decomposer or consumer?

your food web description also should include the flow of energy from each organism.







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    Grass-producer;energy from sun

    Insect eats the grass-primary consumer

    toad eats insects-secondary consumer

    snake eats toad-consumer

    and lastly bacterium decomposes dead organisms-Decomposer

    Source(s): me and Pre-AP Bio
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    Grass is at the bottom and is a producer. Producers are usually always at the bottom

    Insect. Because an insect eats grass and its a consumer.

    Toad. Because toads eat insects. and its a consumer.

    Snake. because snakes eat toads. and its a consumer.

    Bacterium. which eats dead things and breaks them down. so its a decomposer

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    a food web and a combination of food chains.


    bacterium >>> grass >>> insect >>>> toad >>>> snake

    (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

    a = is the detritivore. bacteria helps to decompose the soil making the waste matter useful again.

    b = is the primary porducer..

    c = primary consumer

    d = secondary consumer

    e = tertiary consumer

    Source(s): 1st year biology .....
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    We're not here to do your homework for you. Read the book.

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