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How much have you paid to install the invisble fence?

I have two people coming for estimates next week and I just don't want my jaw to drop in front of them! I have maybe an acre of land.

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    I had a little over an acre fenced and my total bill was around $1850. I live in PA. The location may have some influence on prices, I'm not sure. This price included the collar, one year of batteries, and all the training help I needed.

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    $0, I installed my own. It's really easy. You only have to bury it 1/4 inch which you can take a steel edger and make a sliced line around the area you want to cover, lay the wire and walk over the sliced in line to cover the wire. Or if you don't mind getting dirty, you can do like I did and take a screwdriver, stick it in the soil and drag it (it was faster than the edger). Of course, this is assuming your soil isn't as hard as a rock. A pizza cutter will work well too. Don't laugh, I'm a redneck!!

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    $0. I did it myself, covering about 4 acres.

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