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Do you think that in the future giant corporations will create private armies for their own protection?

Will those armies be equipped with sophisticated weaponry, the best big money can buy? Who is going to face them? The Marines, equipped with guns bought in K-Mart?

Thanks a lot.

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    Future? Many large corporations and non-profit orgs already have private armies. Some of them quite well trained. Others rely on mercs which is more realistic. What big corp wants more than contract labor for any job. Contract labor is disposable and big corps think of people as inventory, as resources no more valuable than a computer.

    Right now the big corps own politicians in the US, perhaps all over the world. Every so often they'll extort campaign funds by threatening prosectution of anti-trust laws but companies like Microsoft will openly flaunt laws, try buying something from a supermarket not made by one of 3 giant corps. Want a burger, eat at a resteraunt, your probably going to eat at a big corp. Stop for gas? You buy it from one of a few companies with gas refined by even fewer companies.

    Corps don't need troops much. Just hike the prices or create an artificial shortage and people will do whatever you want. Actually the media is in the pocket of big corps. Especially TV stations. So you don't even hear about it unless they want you too.

    K-Mart do they even sell guns? That's like buying a guitar from Target or Walmart or buying a cement mixer from Taco Bell.

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    What do you mean, "in the future?" It's already happening, cf Blackwater corp. Mercenaries have been a part of war since ancient times. With corporations growing big enough to have annual budgets bigger than the GDP of France, it's only natural that some should get into the defense business.

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    The second modification to the U. S. structure states: A nicely regulated protection force being had to the safe practices of a free State, the right of the human beings to save and undergo fingers shall no longer be infringed. So your protection force might want to be nicely regulated, No rabbles allowed. It might want to be for a free State or professional freedom usually. some Federal and state guidelines word. you're restricted to guy portable guns for the most area. some states enable computerized guns w/ particular licenses (classification 3). possession, storage & transportation of explosives are fairly frowned upon by using the BATF. anticipate scrutiny from all angles, save a low profile,chorus from communicate about coups, revolutions & stressful circumstances to authorities authority.

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    It think it is a likely possibility (that is if our economy rebounds!). But are armed forces are quite well equipped, with cutting edge, state of the art weapons. But if we let their numbers dwindle, then there could be a problem.

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    Not in the near future. unless you talk about Blackwater (essentially protection agency/part mercenaries).

    Source(s): It takes a lot to create an army got to have an urgency, have an immediate danger to quelch and good pay. unlikely ! war tend to be temporary there is no chance of making a real profit. ...unless people are willing to pay a lot more than they are paying now (unlikely).
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    Companies and corporations must save money where possible. They will always use their clout to get governments to pay for policing, rather than do it themselves.

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    hmmm, now that is a good point but then stop posting this question for you would give them ideas.

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    ...Blackwater USA was such a company on the open market...


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    imao....just blackwater? wonder u are stuck in yahoo to spy only. imao.....

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