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What is the difference between mechatronics engineering and robotics engineering?

What is the difference? Plus what do both of those fields contain? Which one is better to choose as a career and why? What kind of stuff are you able to make or do after doing a bachelors degree in one the either fields? Is there something a person should know before joining either one?

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    I'm still understanding the field as well, trying to get into a school whether to do robotics or mechatronics. Robotics engineering is a combination of Mechanical enginering and eletrical engineering, you create the robots using electrial engineering as a skill to operate the robot to come to life, when you enter this field the jobs you will have is to repair or build on projects for the robot creation, or work in manfuacturing robots factories to make robotic arms for a car assembly line. Industry robotics, or Create Decoy robots for authorities and Army.

    Mechatronics Engineering is Automata (Robotics), Electrical, Electronics, System Controls, and Programming to create not only robots, but robots with control systems, create useful products, arc welding robotics, create assembly line machinery parts or the whole thing. You mostly deal with support robots that help benefit the world.

    You might need a full degree but hey if you take two you'll have a big edge in the career, so why not take them both? And last thing it's best to look it up:



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    they can be considered one in the same. its basically the combining of electrical circuitry with mechanical parts to create a 'robot' of sorts. i'm not totally sure you'll be able to get a B.S. in say mechatronics engineering....maybe electrical (or mechanical) with a minor in mechatronics. as far as what you will make/do after you graduate, that totally depends on the company. you could be designing robotic arms that perform precision welds, or a detailed conveyor system in a distribution center, or any number of other things. just be sure to do a lot of research in any career before you make a choice.

    Source(s): i'm a mechanical engineer, and from mechanical engineering magazine
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    Mechatronics is what you spot at Disney international, in each pirate, or dinosaur or the King Kong. they're programmed to do one element and one element in straightforward terms. they are able to't do the rest except they're reprogrammed. Robots are programmed with selections. they are able to "%" between mild and dark, close and a lot, warm and chilly, strains vs. stable hues. Robots are made to look clever. at an identical time as maximum Mechatrons are in many circumstances in simple terms made to repeat an identical activity repeatedly lower back.

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