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When Rangel and Obama re-instated the draft, will you be dodging it proudly like me? I recommend you do?

here are the following reasons why I would be dodging the draft, I recommend you all do the same.

1.I am not a murderer, baby killer or paid hit-man for anybody even the government


I don't have to answer to obama or anybody else but myself, who is a few jerks in washington to tell me what to do?

3. America represents the evil sides of these wars. Iraq and afghanistan are wrong, Neither one of these nations attacked us or did anything to us. Obama wants to invaded pakistan, and Other Nations see USA as a threat to world peace, b/c usa is invading countless nations for oil, profits, power and military based for illegal wars and russia,china may attack u.s.a. to try to stop ww3, or start ww3.

USA is the threat to world peace.

4. I am not a sucker. I know wars are staged for profits. The biggest business in the world is war.

In 1972, Henry Kissinger referred the troops are "military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used for profits in foreign policy"

5. The globalists are the real enemy.

6. There is no need for any troops, they have enough technology to use. they use make people think otherwise for the money.

7. We lost 125,000 men eligible to serve. 5000 dead and 120,000 wounded who can not go back, Even if america was threatened why should i pay for the republicans mistakes on 2 illegal wars.

We would still have over 125,000 eligible men and women

8. I will not be used for a government.NOW that murdered its own people in order for them to achieve there global conquest and help them steal oil and gain power.

I plan on dodging the draft, when its re-instated before 2012, i believe by simply living in the wilderness or by the beach or in a cabin, where there is no population and nobody knows i am there. I will be having the time of my life while you go and have your freinds brains blown out of there heads and landing right in your face

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    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer're godam right i'm not a baby killer. why the hell would i go be the gov't's bltch and go murder innocent civilians in foreign countries? i pay my taxes, that's good enough. f**k sending me on a military invasion, especially the last second world war, Prescott Bush of NYC union banking corporation financed Hitler's rise to power and the Nazi war machine. those motherf**kers on Wall street like Gerard and DuPont were playing both sides on the lives of the American people. kidding! democracy means majority rules. i doubt 51% of the American people want to invade anyone. but those pricks on capitol hill invade people based on lies again and again! Vietnam, invade Grenada, occupy Peru, blockade the Dominican Republic, sanction Cuba, Bay of Pigs, bomb Panama, overthrow gov'ts in Chile, assassinate leaders in Colombia, train guerrillas, Iran Contra, attack Argentina's economy . . . gee! why do LAtin Americans hate us?!

    3. yeah, those 19 hijackers were mostly from Saudi Arabia! and what does Bush do when their prince waltzes over? He holds their hand! too many wars are started for war profiteering

    4. I am not a sucker either. Why don't the gov't explain why they were the ones who trained osama bin laden in the 1980's? Jimmy Carter the Nobel "Peace" porize winner diverted $3 billion dollars in funding to train the Muja Hadeen. iun what? Terrorism! but make sure to use it against the Russians!

    5. Henry says a lot of things. During the IRan IRaq War (again the globalists sold weapons to both sides) Kissinger said, "What's better than Arabs killing Arabs?"

    6. If we followed the constitution written by our forefathers and helped every nation on earth using the $500 billion we spend on weapons, think how much we would be welcomed and embraced throughout the world.

    7. holy shlt! we always hear 5000 dead, but we never hear how horrible it is for the 125,000 wounded. think how bad it wuld be to lose a limb or a leg. or be paralyzed. i felt so bad when i saw this young girl who had 2 amputated legs when her humvee flipped over from a IED. she was so young, and what did she ever accomplish in IRaq? Just helped corporate greed.

    8. I will not be the government's cannon fodder either! It's sick they say the sweetest things on one hand, then do the complete opposite and pretend like we don't know them and their oil men friends and wall street financers make billions in profits.

    You know? it's good to see people like you. I always thought it was our job to stand up for whats right and wrong. but people nowadays always just go with popular opinion. It's a shame. People knew the Vietnam war and "domino effect of communism" was a fraud. but they still go and kill rice farmers? how is that just? how is that right?

    i wish you luck,

    if you claim to be a christian?

    then follow the 10 commandments

    especially thou shall not kill

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    If you want to be an idiot and dodge the draft that's your problem. I enlisted in 1972 and was proud to serve my country for over 20 years like my father did before me. My oldest Son is now serving in the navy and I an completely proud that he is.

    I am sorry that better people than you will have to put their lives on the line for scum like you. But I guess that the way things are.

    It was a great pleasure for me to report both your questions. with luck they will both be deleted.

  • 1 decade ago

    One Term Barry will need a draft to man the trenches in Obama's War because young liberals will not join the military. They need to be dragged teary eyed, kicking and screaming into boot camp.

    Conservative kids have held the fort for years now it is the Obamabots Youth's turn to enlist.

  • 1 decade ago

    No. I will volunteer to join a special team to hunt down draft dodging scum. My experience hunting dangerous wild animals will make finding cowards in the woods an easy job...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The best way to avoid the draft is to volunteer.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No - I won't be dodging the draft. Enjoy Canada you coward.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    basically you are spoiled useless lib sh*i*t that came out of the public school system with no ethics or morals or allegiance to anything but your attitude does not surprise probably voted for will always come back to bite your a*s* me it is kismet.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You sound like a sissy boy. If the draft is started again, it will be for WW111. Is that what you want?

  • 1 decade ago

    See ya in prison, sucka!! Draft dodgers make good prison


  • fdm215
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    1 decade ago

    No one re instated a draft. No one will in the US.


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