If going to Calumet High School in Gary Indiana will make it harder for me to get into Harvard, look below.?

Like someone told me because the school is in this location , it will make it harder for me to get into Harvard, instead of going to a different school in a different area. The school is accredited to btw. Like that they would except someone from Griffith over me, even if the person and I are the same in all aspects. Is this true (school is Calumet High School, Gary,Indiana)Like for instance if I get 720 on each part of the SAT and get good grades,, that someone from Griffith,next town over, would get it even if they are not as good as me, in anyway, including personality. Is this true?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    haha! i applied to 6 schools, and thus far have been denie d by 2 including my safety! I have a 31 ACT and 780 Spanish and 780 World History and 660 math 2. i took 13 ap classes and am an ap scholar with distinction. I am freaking out. my essays were amazing. it is all a huge crapshoot, so relax and apply somewhere where youre positive youll get in, like ball state.

  • 4 years ago

    Harvard is academically so hard, that affirmative action could be ineffective. anybody with the scores to get in there merits it, whether they're a a million eyed, a million horned, flying, purple, human beings eater......... only approximately each man or woman of shade in this u . s . a . has benefitted. while college little ones take those standardized exams andf checklist their race, investment is given to the colleges in keeping with racial make up. Majority minority faculties won "reward" by using fact of their status that they in turn exceeded directly to the youngsters.

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