I have a black & white baseball card w/ 4 players' photos,Frank Frisch, Dizzy Dean, Paul Dean, & Joe Medwick.?

It's about the size of a postcard. Is this worth anything?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It sounds like its from the 1936 Exhibit 4-in-1 set. These cards were often sold at fairs and carnivals in a penny arcade machine. They've also been reprinted often.

    If you card is an original and in Excellent condition it worth about $100. If it's not an original it's worth no more than a buck or two.


  • Joel
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    1 decade ago

    Given it's got 3 good players (The Deans and Medwick), and Dizzy is in the Hall, it's bound to be worth something. Couldn't tell you how much though. Go Cards!

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