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Are there any community colleges that have distance learning or online Associate's degrees?

I want to enroll in community college prior to enrolling at a four year college. Are there any community colleges or universities that offer an online Associate's degree to transfer towards a bachelor's degree?


These are the current schools I know of that offer what I am looking for, but are there any more?

the University of Scranton

St. Charles Community College

Santa Ana Community College

East Georgia College

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    Simple and straight forward answer: yes. But where do you love? Even though these degrees may be on-line, you want to stay in your region (area of the country). If a school is too far away, there may be other distance issues that are easier to deal with when you are closer to the school. For example, many two-year colleges require you to find a place you can test in your home town (another college, a library, a professor willing to proctor tests). Unfortunately, community colleges are less likely than bachelor or masters programs to be on-line, especially fully on-line, by the nature of the level of the courses involved.

    Source(s): In this case, my sources are that I have been a director, managing director, dean, and now vice president of academic affairs at community and technical colleges.
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    First, verify that the place you get the A.A. has accreditation. There are colleges obtainable that hand out diplomas, yet while it receives to the real international of employment, the degree isn't well worth the cost of loo paper. next, attempt an attraction technique which incorporate your college. while you're fairly a stable student and don't could desire to take an entire load of instructions to graduate for the period of your very final semester, why could desire to or no longer it fairly is counted to them what you do which incorporate a while? If the C.C. is the issue in enrolling beforehand h.s. graduation, it will be harder to get an attraction ruled on favorably. Are you dealing with 1 / 4 gadget or semester gadget interior the C.C. gadget? If the quarter sytem, you'll want some down time between intense college graduation and C.C. enrollment... this could provide you 5 quarters wherein to do six quarters of artwork for a June graduation. this could mean an regular of 18 credit/quarter, while 15 is an entire load. If the C.C. is on a semester gadget, you ought to graduate in a 12 months and a 0.5 with out a issue credit-sensible, yet, even with even if if the C.C. is on 1 / 4 or semester gadget, you will could desire to time table your instructions very intently previous to time, considering that all mandatory instructions are no longer attainable once you always want or want them to maintain on the right song which incorporate your purpose. As for correspondence or different artwork; back, be careful as to accreditation. confirm the C.C. will settle for the credit beforehand beginning! If all fails, evaluate cheating on the gadget. in case you could commence interior the C.C. "on the sly" with out your h.s. understanding, do you think of you would be in threat of having your A.A. degree taken remote from you? uncertain, yet i could propose you tell noone what you're doing!

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