Which operating system is better for ASUS eee pc 1000h?


which operating system is better for ASUS EEE PC 1000h with 160HDD and 2gb ram

linux ubuntu?



im looking for one which i can run it smoothly and can watch a movie or play a game on it as well (old games like CS1.6)

and also im not sure if linux does have the office 2007 ??

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    1 decade ago
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    XP will probably be your best bet (it'll be a lot faster than vista), unless you are tech-savvy and want to run Linux (which is harder to use). Linux doesn't have office 2007 (you cannot install office on linux), nor does XP or Vista. You have to install office 2007 separately if you want it.

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  • Analog
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    1 decade ago

    First of all, why are you getting a netbook for watching movies and gaming? The tiny screen makes it horrible for movie watching and usually netbooks tend to perform poorly, which makes it poor choice for running newer games. I would really recommend you shell out another $50-100 for a 15.4 inch screen and vastly improved performance.

    The lack of RAM pretty much rules out Vista, so it's between XP and Ubuntu.

    If you're going to run old games on it i would recommend XP as most likely you can't run those games on Ubuntu. XP is also good as there's the widest selection of programs.

    Ubuntu is also harder to learn, but once you get it, it's great. It's not that hard to use and you don't have to shell out $$$ for anti-virus software, and many programs like Firefox is included by default.

    Linux does not have office 2007, but neither does Windows by default. In Linux there's a free alternative called OpenOffice included.

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  • 1 decade ago

    linux i think

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