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do you think this is a good titanic report so far?

The Titanic is one of the most famous passenger ships in history. Ever since 1908, when it started to be built, until today, people have been fascinated by it. For some people it may be because of its size and grandness, or maybe because of its sinking and re-discovery. For me, it is all of these things. I have always been interested in the Titanic and I knew a lot about it before we even started brainstorming. There is always more to learn though, so I chose to do my project on the Titanic.

By doing this project, I hoped to learn new things about this famous ship. Since I already knew so much, I did not know if this was going to work. When I started researching, I did not have anything particular that I wanted to learn. It turns out that I really did not know everything and I learned a lot of new facts. I am really glad that I chose to do this topic.

I started doing research by searching for informational websites about the Titanic. Since websites are not always creditable, I decided to look for new ways to find information. I looked in books, encyclopedias, and magazines. I watched many television shows also. I took notes on the computer and put them into my subtopics. This was really helpful because I could just take the notes from there to write my report. I did not really come to any problems. Because of the popularity of the fate of the Titanic, there are many interesting books, newspaper articles, websites, museum exhibits, and documentaries that were available to assist my research. (or) Because the Titanic is so well known, there were many websites, books, magazine articles, and television shows about it. (which sentence should I put here?)

Since the Titanic was the biggest ship of its time, the building of it was a huge deal to everyone who heard about it. The Harland and Wolff Company started to think about building a luxurious ship in 1907. In 1908 the construction finally began in Belfast, Ireland. Thomas Andrews, the head of the Harland & Wolff design department, designed the ship to be the grandest in the world. He also wanted it to be, “practically unsinkable.” He designed it with a double hull and put in 16 watertight compartments. If even two of the middle compartments, or four of the front, flooded, the Titanic would still stay afloat. With all of these features, the Titanic cost about $7.5 million, which is equivalent to about $400 million today. About 15,000 people worked to build the ship. Each worker was paid only about $10 dollars a week on average.

There were many features on the Titanic that were unheard of at the time. It was 882 ½ feet long. If it were to stand straight up it would have been taller than any of the buildings of its time. The Titanic had the first ocean liner swimming pool. One of its very well known features is the grand staircase. Only 1st class passengers were allowed to use this magnificent staircase with oak railings and paneling. Another feature was the gymnasium. 1st class passengers could use this to work out whenever they pleased. Along with these, the Titanic also had a Turkish bath, smoking room, dining saloon, café Parisian, palm court, writing room, reception room, lounge, and very spacious decks.

Captain Edward John Smith was the captain of the Titanic. He was born on January 27, 1850 in Hanley stoke, England to Edward and Catherine Smith. When Smith left for his last trip before retiring, he left behind his wife, Eleanor, and his young daughter, Helen. He was planning to retire after this voyage. Captain Smith has been described as, “solidly built, slightly above medium height, and handsome in a patriarchal sort of way. His neatly trimmed white beard, coupled with his clear eyes, gave him a somewhat stern countenance, an impression immediately dispelled by his gentle speaking voice and urbane manners.” The captain’s salary was 1250 English pounds per year or about $1786.46.Passengers and crew members called him ‘E.J’ (short for Edward John.) He was 62 when he went down with the ship.

The Titanic’s maiden trans-Atlantic voyage was on April 10, 1912. No one ever dreamed that its first voyage would also be its last. When it left Southampton, England to go to New York, there was a huge crowd watching it leave for the first time. Everyone was interested in what the press called “the practically unsinkable ship.” (need to finish the sinking paragraphs still)

Over the years, there have been many theories about how the Titanic sank. One is Robin Gardiner’s theory. He believed that the sinking of the Titanic was an insurance scam and that the ship that sank was not the Titanic at all. Another theory is the mummy curse. There is an urban legend that a mummy, which supposedly gave the museum where it was held bad luck, was sold to a man. The man was afraid that the mummy would not be able to board the ship because of its reputation. Because of this, he supposedly hit the mummy under the body of his car to sail across the Atlantic. It is

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    Okay, so I saw your edit on the first question I answered... just wanted to let you know that I will gladly read and critique your paper when you're done with it, here's my email address:

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    Ever since 1908, when it started to be built, until today, people have

    when it was built

    been fascinated by it.

    I have always been interested in the Titanic and I knew a lot about it


    before we even started brainstorming.

    I started researching, I did not have anything particular that I wanted to

    I prefer no opinions but fine. ^ thing


    Because the Titanic is so well known, there were many websites,

    _______ ^ Since Do not start with because

    books, magazine articles, and television shows about it.

    Source(s): the reast is okay i would make your mom look over that. I hope I helped
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    Hello, You don't mention your grade level. I'll assume it's pre-high school. You spend half your page talking about how you already knew so much. Then, how you discovered even more interesting facts about the ship/disaster. You barely mention any facts, though. See a problem? Remember that old lady in the commercials a while back? "Where's the beef!?"

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    YES! I think it is good so, Keep working on it!

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    sure is long, dude, but its fine, nice

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