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Does anyone have a picture of the back of Silk Spectre's costume from the watchmen movie?

I'm making a costume to go to opening night and I can't find what the back looks like. If anyone has an action figure or something and can take a picture of the back of it for me I'd love you forever.

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    I do! follow this link. While watching the beginning of the clip, you will see the Silk Spectre diving onto the ground, and she poses with the camers completely showing her back. Enjoy!

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  • 5 years ago

    You might have no choice right now... costumes go quickly and if a rental version isnt out yet, Im sure people will jump on it when it does come out.

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    From the comic, If I recall, it was a V-cut that pretty much went down to her @ss... for the movie they changed all of the exposed skin & cleavage to yellow, so adjust accordingly...

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