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When is the sequel to the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins coming out?

I read the Hunger Games and I Loved it!!

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    It is coming out september 2009! I can't wait. Here's a link with the picture of the cover, a summary, and some books to read while you wait.


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    According to Scholastic, the publisher, Catching Fire is to be release September 1, 2009. However, there are still some questions about early releases, such as the Barnes and Noble website listing August 5th. But again, official it is set for 9/1.


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    Agreed! I examine the 1st one in one day and could no longer wait to envision the subsequent, it is noted as 'Catching hearth' and the third noted as 'Mockingjay' is released on the twenty fourth of August! i'm so excited for it :D

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    Catching Fire comes out September 1, 2009


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    idk??!?!?!?! i want it to come out soooooooo bad. u have no idea. i almost like it better than twilight. seriously. its amazing! !!!!!

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