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How to insert a tampon?

I'm 14, and I've never used a tampon, but I have to start because I have swimming in gym. How do I insert it? Will it hurt? How do I know what it's in far enough? Thank you.

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    Whoa there, just because you go swimming doesn’t mean that you have to use tampons, considering how unsafe and unhygienic tampons are as well as all the other options out there that are much better than tampons, there’s no need for any women in this day and age to be using tampons.

    Pads can be used for swimming, but commercial pads like Always or organic pads like Cottons will go soggy in the water and come unstuck so use cloth pads or something similar, you can only use pads with light flow as when wet they can't hold as much, and just hide under a pair of shorts. Cloth pads like Lunapads http://www.lunapads.com won't come unstuck as they are held in place with poppers rather than glued in. You can use period belts like Reddy's http://www.reddyspads.com which are extra-long pads that fasten around your waste so more secure and easier to hide, better still are period panties like Lunapanties from Lunapads, these are underwear with pads built-in so better protection, easier to hide and more comfortable. Menstrual cups like Divacup http://www.divacup.com are the best option, these are internal bell-shaped cups, which are much healthier and more hygienic than tampons, as well as more comfortable, easier to use, convenient, and reliable. You can leave cups for up to 12 hours even before your period or during heavy days, so no having to change all the time and cups don't leak so no risk of embarrassment. There's nothing showing outside of your body so they are more discreet. You can use a diaphragm as a menstrual cup, or use softcups like Instead http://www.softcups.com which are diaphragm-shaped so sit further up in your vagina, they work on the same idea as menstrual cups so have similar benefits, but they aren't as easy to use as menstrual cups.

    As for how to use a tampon, look at instructions in the pack and make sure you know where to insert (check out Scarleteen http://www.scarleteen.com if unsure) Use organic tampons like Cottons which are softer so more comfortable to insert, also non-applicator tampons are simpler, plus it's one less thing to bin. To insert first wash hands, also do this after. Wait until a heavy day and use the lowest absorbency, get into a comfortable position, unwrap the tampon and pull the string so it hangs freely. Hold the tampon in one hand and with the other hand hold your labia open out of the way of your vaginal opening, then insert the tampon as far as it will go, aim towards the small of your back. Don't be scared to put your fingers into your vagina, it's yours, it's clean and menstrual blood is clean, if you're tense your vagina will tense so relax. If you have problems try masturbating as when aroused your vagina doubles in size, becomes relaxed and lubricated, or use lubrication such as KY jelly or olive oil to make insertion easier. If you feel pain as you move after insertion it's not in far enough so remove and try again with a fresh tampon later. If you have problems inserting don't panic just try another time or use another option such as pads, sponges, softcups, free-flow, or menstrual cups. To remove get comfortable, relax and pull strings gently but firmly, if you can't find the strings or are using cloth, sponge or soft tampons just grab the tampon itself to remove. A tampon can never get lost inside you, but if you can't remove them you need to ask someone for help or go to hospital. Tampons aren't flushable so wrap up and bin. You need to change every 4-6 hours, always use the lowest absorbency making sure to change as your flow changes, never use when your flow is light, before your period or when you go to bed. You should alternate between tampons and pads, pads are also needed as back-up, try Lunapads which are far more comfortable than pads you may be used to. Tampons have many health risks as they encourage bacteria, damage vaginal walls and some brands contain harmful chemicals, as a result tampons have many health risks associated with them such as vaginal infections or the rare but life-threatening illness Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This is why there are precautions to follow when using tampons, note the younger you are the higher the risk. Symptoms of TSS are headache, vomiting, rash, high fever and diarrhea, if you suspect you have TSS remove the tampon immediately and go straight to hospital. See http://www.spotsite.org and http://www.toxicshock.com

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    i remember my first time with a tampon.

    i was terrified... i actually think i might have cried from being so scared before i put it in.

    okay here are some good tips:

    use a PLASTIC applicator. cardboard is so hard to use, even now and i'm almost 21.

    try the slender fit by Playtex. they're great for first time use.

    it doesn't hurt, if it feels more uncomfortable then you think it should, i.e. it hurts or it feels funny to walk or anything (remember at first its going to feel weird because you aren't used to the tampon) then take it out and reinsert a new tampon.

    the best way to insert it would be to stand with your knees slightly bent and just hold it right at the canal and lightly push until its completely in.

    you don't have to shove it in or anything so don't worry about pushing it too hard.

    since you are swimming be sure to take it out and either reinsert a new one or put on a pad as soon as you get done. the water from the pool will cause your tampon to soak and be more susceptible to leaks.

    i hope this helps. =)

    good luck.. and before you know it you'll use tampons all the time.

    they're much more comfortable then pads... they're not diapers ;)

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    Start with slim tampons. You put the applicator in your vagina and push the applicator up. This inserts the tampon. If for any reason, when you stand up or move, the tampon hurts...you need to remove it and try again. Your vagina needs to be wet before you insert. It makes it easier. Usually, when you are on your period, this is not a problem. Practice at home...don't use the supers until you know what you're doing. Good luck.

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    The instructions on the box/insert will help.

    I've posted the below on a few questions and this may help:

    Definitely do not use scented menstrual products. In fact, non-organic cotton is one of the most pesticide laden crops there is in the world so unless you use organic cotton tampons, you still risk TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) if you leave a tampon in too long. Using them anyway exposes you to the pesticides in the cotton.

    In any case, I have used organic cotton tampons but the best thing since sliced bread for periods is a menstrual cup! You need nothing else and it's so easy and versatile and very cost efficient.

    Check out either the Diva Cup or The Keeper. The Keeper is no longer sold in Canada (that's what I used for 2+ years, the same one even!) because it's made in the USA and the company didn't get a renewed license with Health Canada or something but now I've ordered the Diva Cup which is similar.

    Basically the cup holds about 6 oz of menstrual fluid. It's easy to insert and extract to empty. On your heaviest days you may want to check it a few times throughout the day to see how often you may need to empty it. It too can overflow and leak but once you're used to it in conjunction with your flow, you will never use pads or tampons again!

    Different companies will sell these. I got mine from http://www.grassrootsstore.com/ but they each have their own sites:



    You can probably get them cheaper but I paid around $50 for The Keeper. That's about 4 or 5 boxes of tampons; so how long would that last you? The "cup" will last several months. They recommend changing it every year but mine literally lasted longer than 2 years. Not only do you not have to carry around tampons but you're not filling landfills with menstrual products! You don't have to worry about properly disposing of anything.

    Cleaning is easy. Anti-bacterial soap and warm/hot water.

    They generally come in 2 sizes: regular and "have had a baby" (since you stretch so the size would have to be a bit bigger).

    PS: I am a black belt in karate and have found this product absolutely fabulous! In karate, I wear a WHITE uniform for several hours and there's been NO accidents. :)

    Source(s): Personal experience and http://www.grassrootsstore.com/ http://www.divacup.com/
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    read and see pictures below - How Insert Tampon Correctly

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    when you bye a box of tampons look at the box, there will be dirrections on them. no they do not hurt just make sure you put them in right and the right angle.

    hope this helped:)<3

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    instruction booklets come with every box. also type into google and you ll get diagrams and plenty of tips.

    its easier to look at them than us explain. but email me if you want tips.

    good luck


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